Read: Lawyer predicts senators will vote for CJ Lourdes Sereno conviction if impeachment reaches senate

Even before the impeachment case against CJ Lourdes Sereno reaches the Senate, the social media has been abuzz with predictions how the senate will vote.

A lawyer believes that senators who voted to convict former CJ Corona are left with no choice but to vote for CJ Sereno’s conviction if senate convenes as an impeachment court.

Lawyer Tom Berenguer, not his real name, expressed his appreciation of the Sereno case on Facebook today, March 12, 2018 to the approval of his Facebook followers.

“Those senators who convicted CJ Corona on the issue of his SALN have no choice but to convict CJ Sereno also because of SALN,” said Berenguer.

Otherwise, this is evidence that DAP money was used to bribe the senators to vote according to Pnoy’s whim.

“Because if these senators vote to acquit Sereno for the very same offense with which they convicted Corona, then this is evidence that the DAP was meant to bribe them to vote according to Noynoy’s wishes.”

To the end the post, Berenguer writes:

“Ang tatanga niyo talaga!!!”

Netizen Louise Claire couldn’t agree more. “Agree atty! Pera2 nlng ang labanan dto hahaha”

Marc Sy agrees and says this something to look forward to. “Check nga. Something to look out for.”

Maricar Serrano remarks: “Roll call tyo! Only 3 senators voted NO then. 2 are now dead, one is a waiting VP. So half the freaks inside the senate must vote YES.”

Jay Salas gives Berenguer a thumbs up. “On point Tom! (y)”

Jake Perez expects these tow senators to vote for conviction. “Drilon,trillanes should vote for impeachment just like what they did to Cj Corona.”

Melchor Vergara says he’s sure Enrile will remind the senators how they voted in the Corona impeachment. “I’m sure JPE will remind the senators about this when he joins the prosecution panel for the impeachment hearings 😀”

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