#Read: This convo among three employees at the ATM machine will change the way you appreciate your Xmas bonus next year no matter how small!

A netizen named Vinia Buena has taken to Facebook to share her heartwarming experience while standing in line to withdraw money from an ATM machine.

Buena wrote that instead of getting annoyed or pissed while waiting in line for almost 30 minutes, she was amused listening to three friends talking while withdrawing their humble Xmas bonuses.

“I waited this for a long time. Now I can buy my son new pair of shoes.”

“Hey, I received P2,000 bonus. My family can buy a lot to prepare for Christmas eve.”

“Our Boss is so kind, he gave us a bonus.”

“I will text my wife, she likes spaghetti on Christmas day. “

Buena wrote that she find it funny even though they received a small amount as their Christmas bonus, they did not complain. Instead, they appreciate it and think it is a blessing. Unlike other people, when you give them pandesal, they hope it is a burger.

In other words, the lesson of the story Buena wants to impart to fellow netizens to be grateful of what you received. Not all people get what you have today.

Buena’s FB post has touched a lot of hearts among fellow netizens, generating 93,000+ shares and 246,000+ reactions in less than 12 hours since publishing the short story on Facebook.

You may read the original post below.

Imbis na mabwisit ako dahil almost 30 minutes na ako naghihintay sa pila, natuwa ako habang naririnig ko sila:

“Tagal ko hinintay to pare, may pambili na bagong sapatos anak ko.”
“Uy nakakuha ako 2,000 dami namin mabibiling handa neto.”
“Bait ni boss binigyan tayo bonus.”
“Text ko pa nga misis ko gsto nun spaghetti sa pasko eh.”

Nakakatuwa lang kasi even they received small amount as their Christmas bonus, hindi sila nagreklamo, instead, inappreciate nila and inisip pa din na these are blessings. Unlike others, pag binigyan mo ng pandesal, gusto pa burger. Be grateful of what you have received. Hindi lahat nakakakuha ng kung anong meron ka ngayon. 😊

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Source: Vinia Buena

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