Read why former SOJ Sec. Vitaliano Aguirre is not in favor of DSWD Sec. Bautista letting the Tulfos off the hook

While there is a clamor to mediate and end the Bautista-Tulfo feud, former SOJ Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre is strongly against it.

In a Facebook post by “I am Pinoy, Proud Ako” Aguirre allegedly said that if the Tulfos would be off the hook without them learning their lessons, they would be back in their entitled and arrogant ways in no time at all!

“I personally know these Tulfo brothers, including Ramon and Erwin. One of them, Joseph, is married to my first cousin,” Aguirre wrote.

Remember the Raymart Santiago/Claudine Barretto mauling incident involving Mon Tulfo? Yes, Aguirre acted as his counsel and private prosecutor gratis et amore (giving back by giving thanks).

Three or four years later, Mon was charged with 70 counts of libel by INC in the different places of the country.

He was then the DOJ Secretary and Mon asked him to consolidate all the INC cases in Metro Manila as it was very difficult and inconvenient for him to go around the country to answer these INC cases. He remembered telling him that the matter was still with the National Prosecution Service (NPS) and my jurisdiction is only appellate.

At any rate, Aguirre told Mon that he will ask the different Prosecution Offices where the cases were pending to submit their comments before acting upon his request.

To his surprised, Mon went berserk and told him that he was not born yesterday, that Aguirre could help him if he wanted to.

Mon accused Aguirre the reason why he refused to act on his request immediately was because he wanted to ingratiate himself to INC for their votes because he wanted to run as senator in the 2019 elections.

Aguirre described Mon Tulfo’s behavior was “feeling entitled and full of arrogance in his system”.

Aguirre said Mon attacked him in his column and made so many defamatory comments against him.

“Mon and Erwin continued their attacks against me, especially when the case vs Peter Lim & Kerwin Espinosa was recommended dismissed by the NPS, an action that I have no knowledge of because it was not yet elevated to the Office of the Secretary of Justice, as my jurisdiction is only appellate in character,” Aguirre lamented.

A month before the elections and without an iota of evidence, Mon again defamed Aguirre by accusing him in his Manila Times’ column as the protector of human trafficking.

Aguirre reckoned that the real target of his attack was a former Immigration Commissioner who was running for Mayor of Muntinlupa.

He said it is not difficult for anyone to discern that a reading of his columns was to destroy the opponent of and support Mayor Fresnedi.

He found another opportunity for him defame me again, most probably in retaliation of the libel & cyber libel I filed against him and which cases are now pending before the RTC of Manila.

Mon was accusing me as the protector of human trafficking without any iota of evidence.

Mon Tulfo’s supposed evidence are pictures during some happy anniversaries depicting Aguirre with some people he was accusing of human trafficking, though the pictures also showed some congressmen and other high government officials who were likewise in invited to the occasions.

Aguirre mourned the accusation against him of being a protector of human trafficking came even when he resigned from his SOJ post more than one year ago.

The charge against him Aguirre complained is baseless as during his watch as SOJ from 2016 to 2018, the Philippines has been elevated to Tier 1 ranking by the US State Department in it’s Trafficking in Persons Report.

A Tier 1 ranking, Aguirre explained, means that our country has complied with highest standards in battling human trafficking. The Philippines is the first and only country among ASEAN nations and only the third country in Asia to attain Tier 1 ranking!

“These brothers never learn. I believe that they are apologizing because they never expected the gravity of the backlash, coming as it did from the military and the police, the sector that the Tulfos could not afford to fight at this time. It is my opinion, judging from my own experiences, if they would be off the hook without them learning their lessons, they would be back in their entitled and arrogant ways in no time at all,” Aguirre concluded.

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Source: Inquirer

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