The real reason why Pangilinan wants the government to stop meddling in the telecom industry. Must Read!!!

In a news article published on the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Manny V. Pangilinan of PLDT told the incoming Duterte administration to leave business alone.

Speaking to journalists from the different parts of the country whom PLDT invited to its annual stockholders meeting last week, Pangilinan stated that the company’s digital shift will likely succeed if the government would not meddle much, the PDI article said.

Pangilinan clarified his statement and, quote: “Some people, including people from the government, do not understand the implementation of major infrastructure needed to transform PLDT and Smart’s services into digital, and they could block the huge project, expected to be operational by 2018, because of lack of understanding of it.”

In short, Pangilinan wants less intervention from the government for businesses to prosper.

The government’s share is to get out of the way.

Because of this statement, Manny Pangilinan, CEO of the MVP group of companies and proxy of the Salim group of Indonesia gets bashed in the social media.

Myrna Castillejos wrote:

Kung gusto nilang wag pakialamn ng gobyerno eh di wag…pero wag silang aangal pag nagpapasok na ng foreign telcos..(If they don’t want government meddling with them, fine as long as they don’t stop the government from allowing foreign telcos to do business in the country…)

Vhal Haduca wrote:

Leave business alone to take advantage of the poor people? Patawa ka inday

Noemi Montecillo wrote:

greed at its finest…

The netizens have every reason to be mad at Mr. Manny Pangilinan of PLDT because of the threat of a monopoly in light of the latest move of PLDT and Globe Telecom. Here’s why!

PLDT is in serious talks with Globe Telecom to acquire Vega Telecom Inc., the telco business of San Miguel Corp. (SMC), for P69.1 billion.

The joint venture will improve the internet services of PLDT and Globe, according to separate statements from the said giant telecoms company announcing the partnership last month said the PDI article.

However, the Philippine Competition Commission (PCC) said the PLDT-Globe deal would not be approved until after a comprehensive review.

Source: PDI



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