Remember the rich couple whose bodyguards att@acked a traffic enforcer? Blogger shares hidden skeletons of husband on FB

The incidents of motorists assaulting traffic enforcers have become a trend these days.

This is not entirely a new phenomenon but the advent of social media, mobile phones and CCTV’s have made it easier for people to share this to the public.

Whether you like or not, uploading these kinds of videos have an upside, reminding the public that any unacceptable behavior such as assaulting or disrespecting a person of authority have unpleasant and unnecessary consequences.

The latest object of public shaming lately is none other than the rich couple whose bodyguards assaulted a barangay traffic enforcer after their convoy stopped for beating a read light.

Radio host and blogger Mark Lopez unearthed hidden skeletons of the couple, especially the husband, Arnold Padilla and shared it on Facebook.

Who is this Arnold Padilla, who together with his partner Glocel Razon, and bodyguards, assaulted Magallanes Baranggay traffic enforcers?

What is his background? Why is he traveling with bodyguards?

He is the same Arnold Padilla, who together with his mother, is charged with murder for the death of his sister Yvonne Geraldine in 2010 (she died after opening a gift box loaded with a bomb).

It is also said that Arnold’s father is also involved in the murder of a sibling who died in a car bomb incident in Baguio City.

These murder incidents were all allegedly due to inheritance and family wealth squabbles.

A random search in Google “Arnold Padila” would show links to news stories of this family’s wealthy but troubled background. A Manuel Padilla who is connected with Bantay Bata of ABS CBN is said to be the cousin of Arnold who filed the murder charges on behalf of the murdered Yvonne Geraldine. [ABS-CBN]

From a mere traffic violation to now being put on the spotlight for various high profile crimes.

This story gets interesting.

The question is – what is the source of the wealth of this Padilla family?

You may watch the video here from ABS-CBN.

Netizen Rogel Gancenia commented: Time for these cruel people to taste their own medicine in exactly gruesome way under law.
Unmask them so that they will be exposed.

Daisy Advincula-Torente doubted the authorities will apprehend them for mere traffic violation if he remain scot-free for a more serious crime? nakalusot nga sa murder eh traffic violations pa kaya ang hindi nya kayang lusutan? tsk tsk tsk hay naku

Merlyn C. Bermundo Their is time for everything to face consequences u can’t mock the Living God

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