Retired broadcaster exposes abuse of limited Covid19 testing kits & other medical resources by government VIPs at the behest of DOH top honcho


Retired broadcaster Jay Sonza’s extensive network of friends and contacts both in private and public circles has come in handy even after he retired from the radio and TV broadcasting many years ago.

After his FB post about the Lung Center of the Philippines wherein one of his friends there complained of shortage of PPEs, surgical masks etc., the retired broadcaster received a long message from some of his friends at RITM.

The message, according to Sonza, contained screenshots of exchanges of messages, laboratory results of Covid19 swabs and copy of memorandum and other documents, made his blood pressure went up way past his head in disbelief.

You may read Jay Sonza’s full FB post below.

Research Institute for Tropical Medicine.
How I came to know your mercy mission to Filipinos and mankind.

When Mel Tiangco and I were running Lingkod Bayan (ABS-CBN) at the height of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, an unknown donor came to us to help RITM and built a special wing for the same purpose.

That was how I came to know that there exist a special molecular and biological institute of Filipino medical scientists.

I regularly visited the place and some of its indefatigable staff until I decided to go on full retirement in 2010. As I bid them goodbye, I promised that I will keep them in my prayers.

This afternoon, after I posted my short encounter with my friends at the Lung Center of the Philippines, I received a long message from some of my friends at RITM.

As I went over the messages, complete with exchanges, laboratory results of Covid19 swabs and copy of memorandum and other documents, my blood pressure went up way past my head in disbelief.

It was not a copycat of the LCP experience or encounter with the powers that be. It was a nauseating report on how our government VIPs abused the very limited Covid19 testing kits and other medical resources at the behest of DOH top honcho.

Incumbent cabinet men, senators, representatives, past admin VIPs, ex-senators and congressmen and their respective family members. Girlfriends and boyfriends not exempted from the special testing.

Today, they have a record of about a couple of thousand kits used for this purpose. Hindi lang iyong. Kahit nag negative na sa unang testing, may repeat testing pa iyong Ibang VIP.

The medical specialists were and are even pressured to release the results within 24 hours, requiring extended working hours for the poor medical workers.

Adelantado pa ang karamihan sa kanila. workers attempting to raise their concerns are even scolded and threatened with work related ramifications.

BTW. These legislators in the upper chamber (you know who you are because you have been told of the results) should have their wife and girlfriend quarantined. They tested positive Covid19 carrier !!!

I am keeping these medical and conversation records and documents, hopefully for a book or literature I intend to write in the not so distant future.

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Source: Jay Sonza

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