Retired broadcaster Jay Sonza shares details of supposed Katipunan “ambush” in latest Facebook post, claims somebody sent him a video of alleged ambush

Retired broadcaster Jay Sonza claimed in his latest Facebook post that somebody sent him an amateur video of the Katipunan ambush.

But before he talked about what he saw, Sonza thanked the netizen who was kind enough for sending the video of the ambush. “Thanks. somebody sent me an amateur video of the katipunan ambush. immediately after the shooting incident, 3 traffic cops arrived and escorted a red AUV.”

Sonza described the scene after the police arrived together with the red UV. “The occupant of the black van lazily transferred to the red vehicle. Also the luggage from the black van were transferred to the red vehicle.”

Sonza noted the protocol in a crime scene was not followed. “In other words, the scene of the “crime” was not preserved as is the standard. The area was not cordoned off. There were no SOCO investigators.”

Sonza narrated that that the lady passenger and her companions did not bother to talk to the policemen who responded to the alleged scene of the crime. “The lady passenger and companion did not bother to talk to the police officer while gathering their belongings from the black vehicle.”

And then, “The red vehicle sped away and was escorted by the 3 motorcycle cops to somewhere.”

End of the video.” Sonza said.

Sonza was obviously dismayed that the people involved and the local media wants us to believe that it was an ambush but after he watched the video, Sonza said it was from an ambush. “And they called it an ambush, a criminal activity that should have merited a full scale criminal investigation, preserved the scene of the crime, cordon the area, and gather the victims in one secured place or brought to the a criminal investigation facility for debriefing or proper inquisitions.”

Sonza ended the FB post with a sense of frustration in his voice. “none of these standards were followed.”

Netizens have offered their own conclusions based on the description of Sonza of what transpired in the video.

One netizen said it was staged. “Staged.. Kahiya hiya naman.. Magkano kaya talent fee, bka wala choice si kim ‘dating flat boobsie na’ kasi dami nya palabas sa dos”

Another netizen commented that based on Sonza’s narration, it appeared to him the said ambush was a shooting of a movie or a telemovie scene. “Prang shooting lng? Hahaha… Mga gago tlga… They will sacrifice anyone for publicity… E panu kng ngkamali at napuruhan yng mga sakay….sheeesh…”

This netizen agreed that it was indeed a shooting. “Parang mabilisang shootibg ang naganap. Pack up agad tapos next scene naman. Anggaling mo kim, idol kita!”

“it is a shooting crime scene on her upcoming movie ‘love thy woman “it happend that the gun their using was supposed empty shell 😂😂,” another netizen commented

Note: Jay Sonza did not say if he plans to share the video on socmed or not to verify whether he was telling the truth or not.

Update: The video of the alleged ambush appeared in YouTube.

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Source: Jay Sonza

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