Retired broadcaster Jay Sonza to Bishop Socrates Villegas: When did you ever stop meddling with the affairs of the state?

While the CBCP denied Bishop Villegas made the comment condemning the killings of terrorist leaders Hapilon and Maute, a retired broadcaster says he is not buying it.

Retired TV and radio broadcaster Jay Sonza took to Facebook expressing doubt Villegas never really made the statement unless he goes on live national broadcast personally professing innocence.

Sonza questioned the late denial statement from the CBCP calling itself a victim.

Sonza insinuated that Villegas really made the statement to test the water if he has the people’s support but when the reaction was opposite of what was anticipated, they issued a statement to the contrary to save face.

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Someone informed me on the comment box that Villegas’ comment on the killing of top terrorists in Marawi is a “fake news.” There is an attachment of a purported CBCP clarification allegedly from Socrates Villegas.

I am not buying buy it.

Not until Villegas himself goes on live national broadcast personally denying that he did not say so. Until he does that, my posting stands on this page.

Assuming arguendo or assuming for the sake of argument that it is a “fake new,”

Why did it take CBCP hours to issue a denial statement calling itself victim? Isn’t it safe to say that Villegas was testing the water if people will rally behind him,. And because no single positive reaction was gathered, then ergo they issued a statement to the contrary to save face.

And why should I not believe that he indeed said so? For the last how many days, he has been calling on people to join him in another EDSA People Power against the duly elected president of the Republic. Should I be surprised if he really denounced the killing of Hapilon and Maute?

Tell me Villegas, when did you ever stop meddling with the affairs of the state?

The last time I checked, there is a separation of church and the state.

In case you’re wondering what the fuss was all about, below is the meme that triggered Sonza to lambast Bishop Villegas on social media.

Credits to photo owner

According to the Facebook page “Lapu-Lapu”, the meme containing the comment of Bishop Socrates Villegas, was fake news.

Meanwhile, netizen Antonyo Yuhenyo blames Bishop Villegas for failing to specify which was the fake news, the GMA article or the meme bearing his alleged statement condemning the killings ISIS leaders Hapilon and Maute. “By not specifying which “fake news”, CBCP’s Socrates Villegas seems to portray that both GMA News article and meme are fake, and that any attacks online they are getting are unfounded.

I myself did not react on the meme. It sounded fake. I reacted on the GMA News article.”

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