Retired general writes an impassioned letter defending Duterte; critics call the Mayor an NPA coddler

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is a magnet for detractors and critics long before his name is being floated around as a Presidential candidate for the 2016 election due to his tough stance against criminals.

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s style of handling the criminals in Davao is legendary. No wonder, the people of Davao adore him; people from outside Davao can only dream about having their own version of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

But, this is going to be a boring world if Superman has no nemesis like Lex Luthor.

So, in the next few days expect his enemies to grow like cockroaches should he finally decide to throw his hat into the Presidential ring. Welcome to the Philippines! The only country in the world where the ‘crabs’ outnumbered the number of cars in EDSA.

Among the familiar faces and names that openly criticizes Mayor Duterte are Etta Rosales of the Commission of Human Rights and Justice Secretary Leila De Lima, an LP Senatorial candidate due to his alleged ‘human rights’ record. But many voters see this as forgivable and won’t mind voting a candidate in the caliber of Mayor Duterte despite accusations of extra-judicial killings as long as the citizens are safe from the criminals.

But the biggest thorn in Mayor Duterte’s chest is the accusation that he sleeps with the communist, an NPA coddler according to his harshest critic online. Check the image below.

Alcover on Duterte

His biggest critic to date, is retired Gen. Jovito Palparan, a well respected General notorious for his campaign against the NPA rebels. He is feared by his enemies, but very respected by his soldiers and colleagues.

Palparan on Duterte

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has already explained his position several times in as many interviews as I can remember about his handling of the communist rebels. Check the Mayor’s response to the accusation that he is an NPA coddler.

Duterte response to Palparan

This is the most sensible explanation of Mayor Duterte in regard to the issue posted in Inquirer, “Talking to the communists, the rightists, and the various Moro rebels were part of my effort to find a common ground to bring about peace and unity in this country.”

But recently while I was browsing the various FB Groups, I stumbled upon a heartwarming post defending Mayor Duterte against all sorts of accusations including him being an NPA coddler. Meet retired Air Force General Romeo Poquiz; he wrote an impassioned letter defending Duterte

Maj. General Romeo Poquiz

Maj. General Romeo Poquiz

Please SHARE this perhaps voters who are hesitant to vote for Mayor Duterte will give him a second look. Check the post of the retired general below.

Letter defending Mayor against accusation of being a communist coddler

Despite their contradicting ideologies, Gen. Palparan and Mayor Rodrigo Duterte are both patriots.

If you believe that Mayor Duterte will bring a meaningful change in the country, please take the time to share this post.


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