Retired military man predicts Duterte declaring Martial Law nationwide ala Marcos if…

According to GMA News article, the Supreme Court is set to release its decision on or before July 5 whether to strike down Duterte’s Martial law in Mindanao.

Duterte, praised by supporters as a good tactician, has already telegraph his course of action in case the SC makes an unfavorable decision.

If you listen to the man speaks, it is clear as day that the man will place the entire country under martial law if and when another bombing or terrorism/takeover occurs in other parts of the country.

This is also the sentiment of retired Captain of the Armed Forces of the Philippines Abe Purugganan, which by the way has been posted on his Facebook account.

Read the post below.

To be clear, what the President said today:

1. If the Supreme Court tells him to lift martial law, he said he will follow. He will revoke martial law, pull out the military and police from marawi since the Supreme Court does not believe that there is rebellion.

2. If, and when, there is/are another instance of bombing/terrorism/takeover, he will declare martial law again to save the nation. He will call out all the reserve forces to active duty.

3. In this second martial law, he will not consult anybody anymore and there will be no deadline to his martial law. It will be the martial law of the Marcos mold.

Let us read the comments posted on the post of Capt. Purugganan to see how his Facebook followers react to this.

Elizabeth Deang commented: “O yes, sige na SC, I lift niyo na, for sure, this time magiging nation wide na ang ML. That will be fair for everyone. Yung walang kasalanan hindi matatakot sa ML. Yung guilty, matatakot sila, kasi pwedi na sila ma arrest. Check mate ba? Wag kasi nilang I challenge ang ating mahal na Pangulo,ituloy talaga niya ang challenge na yan.”

Eddie Quyo wrote: “The ppl who were scared of Makoy’s ML b4 are the same ones who are crying foul now, like look @ me Jimmy, if u are a law-abiding citizen, no worry I know Makoy’s ML then, I was in college there in Manila. HAPPY FATHER’S DAY KAILIAN 🍻🇺🇸🇵🇭”

Fred Sampan is obviously a chess enthusiast. “Baga sa chess nag check move si tatay Digong.”.

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