Retired Scout Ranger wants Duterte to probe former Inquirer owner Prieto

Retired Scout Ranger and now active social media blogger wants President Duterte to probe the Inquirer owner in the wake of the sale of the major daily newspaper.

Former military rebel and retired Scout Ranger Abe Purugganan took to Facebook asking Duterte to form a Financial Task Force to investigate the Prieto’s for fraud.

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I heard that the Prieto’s are selling out their shares in INQUIRER. I think they know what is coming. Oligarchs now knew that Pres Duterte is serious about exacting justice for their years of sins and crimes against our people having peddled lies, enriched themselves from government resources, and robbed our people. Selling does not necessarily protect them from a lawsuit.

A Financial Crime Task Force should be formed to look into the fraud that these oligarchs have committed for years.

Purugganan’s followers on Facebook shared the same sentiment with the former military adventurer.

Netizen Hazelyn Binongo Mandang agreed with Purugganan. “Yeah, prrd said, he is going to dig more and use the money for housing of the the soldiers and the poor people. Imagine collecting rent from government own property and not paying their tax rightly…”

Ising Carbonel commented: “Long over due…sell and pay back taxes …fraud better go down the drain..”

Vher Morales wrote: “Sir, I heard maraming kaso ng Tax Evasion yung PDI, bka ung mga kaso sumabog kay RSA, tapos sila takas na.. kasi ung deal daw ksama lahat baka pati ung kaso kasama.. pagnagkataon pati SMC madadamay dyan..tagumpay sila sa Plano nila… #jstsaying. 🙁 Abe Purugganan”

Rod Mejia said: “The road to perdition is over!!!! Prosecute all culprits who are guilty of enriching themselves and stealing the coffers of our government.”

Carlito P. Sasi remarked: “File Criminal charges and issue hold departure order (HDO )to those involved and freezed Their assets , what will be recovered should be tuned over to the national treasury.”

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