Revenge killing caught on CCTV, bystanders watched the murder like in a film shoot

A surreal scene was caught on CCTV wherein a man was murdered in a broad daylight by a group of people in Manila.

murder in Manila


On the morning of January 25, 2016, the 57-year old victim just emerged from the narrow alley when the male attacker lunged at him with a punch that knocked him down.

Unable to recover from the initial blow, the victim was overwhelmed with punches, bludgeoned with a hard object and finally stabbed three times as he was pinned down on the ground by the attackers.

Meanwhile, the bystanders did nothing to help the victim as if they were watching a film shoot.

The victim is identified as Henry Navarro, resident of Tayuman, Tondo Manila.

The attacker involved two women and a man who hold grudges against the victim. The suspects were identified as siblings Roland and Annalot Pedroza aged 40 and 32 respectively and common-law sister Joanna Panaligan.

Two of the suspects are still-at-large while the female suspect identified as Joanna Pedroza is now detained at the Manila Police District headquarter.

Joanna Panaligan, 35 years old was arrested by the responding policemen when she was slow to make her escape from the crime scene.

The siblings are now facing murder charges for the death of Henry Navarro.

According to the Manila police, the murder was a case of revenge killing after the son of Henry Navarro killed Regino Pedroza the week before.

To quote, “Prior to the incident, Panaligan and her husband Regino confronted couple Rex, 35, and Hennelyn Navarro, 22, for creating so much noise while having a drinking session,” the website reported.

An argument followed that led to the fatal stabbing of Regino Pedroza while his wife Joanna Panaligan was hit by a lead pipe.

The couple, Rex and Hennelyn Navarro are now detained for the murder of Regino Perdroza after they were arrested during a follow-up operation led by Supt. Nicolas Pinon, MPD-Moriones Police Station 2 commander.

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