Self-proclaimed Duterte’s Minster of Revenge retaliates, mocks Robredo after her supporters mocked Duterte’s incoherent ramblings during covid-19 presscon


This is how Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Chu poked Leni Robredo in retaliation after her supporters made fun of President Duterte on socmed.

Chu was incensed after President Duterte has been ridiculed on socmed by critics and mostly the Dilwans, for his incoherent ramblings during a presscon re covid-19. “People making fun of Duterte’s incoherent ramblings.”

Chu coaxed the critics and the Duterte supporters to agree that both leaders are not gifted speakers. “Aminin natin pareho lang sila ni Leni Robredo na hindi very straightforward at succinct.”

Chu admitted that Duterte is incoherent but, he is the type who can blabber and go off topic and talk for hours, ex he talked about Bubonic plague blah, blah. But Chu argued that Robredo is far worse because she would either reply with “SA TINGIN KO LANG NAMAN” statement + “Meryenda na lang ” to brush off further questions from reporters asking for further explanation. “Pero yung isa pag naging incoherent, just merely goes off tangent. Off tangent as in Bubonic plague, Roman Empire witch-hunt level off-tangent. Yung isang incoherent puro “SA TINGIN KO LANG NAMAN” pabebe statements + “MERYENDA NA LANG” brush-offs.”

The main difference Chu remarked is that the other incoherent (Duterte) knows how to work hard and intelligent. “Ang diperesenya nila, yung isang incoherent, marunong magtrabaho at matalino.”

While other incoherent is lazy and not so intelligent who knows nothing but her Oligarchy and Angat Buhay friends. “Yung isang incoherent, tamad na sinungaling na hindi masyadong matalino na puro Oligarchy x Angat Buhay Ng Friends ko ang alam.”

On murmurs from the Dilawans camp to let Leni lead? This is what Chu has to say about this. “Let Leni Lead? Ngudngud ko kayo sa isang Balde ng COVID19, you want?”

Chu ended the FB post, by the praising the 3% for their guts in a sarcastic tone. “Ang lakas ng loob ng 3 percent ha.”

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Source: Krizette Chu

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