Sen. Aquino set to file bill decriminalizing mere possession of 3 bullets or less

In the midst of the controversy created by the ‘tanim-bala’ extortion scam in the country’s main airport, the youngest senator wants to decriminalize mere acquisition, possession and carriage of three bullets or less in the country.

Bam Aquino is set to file bill decriminalizing mere possession 3 bullets.

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Senator Bam Aquino is set to file ‘Iwas Tanim Bala Bill’ to finally put an end to the feeling of fear and paranoia among travelers that enters or exits Manila’s one and only gateway to the world.

The ‘tanim-bala’extortion scandal blew up in early September this year when a Balikbayan posted her traumatic experience on Facebook that went viral.

She narrated how she was traumatized at the hands of the airport security personnel in the Ninoy Aquino International Airport that led her to pay 500 pesos to extricate herself out of the danger zone.

The post of Rhed de Guzman on Facebook appeared to be the floodgates waiting to be opened that paved the way for the explosion of the issue in the face of the NAIA management that was playing deaf and blind to the modus operandi of a syndicate operating for the last 20 years.

Please read the exact words of the young senator:

Activities that jeopardize the safety and security of the public are clearly unacceptable. We must build a secure, orderly, and just nation for our tourists, foreign and local investors, and most importantly, our own citizens.

This young man makes more sense than the older senators. I am not even a pro-Aquino senator, but let me give credit to where credit is due.

Clearly, a scam that is unsupported of our efforts to raise government service standards for the Filipino people should be stopped immediately. As investigations have been ordered, it is also imperative to look at policy proposals and interventions that fully address the issue.

The ‘Iwas Tanim Bala Bill’ also aims to make the country’s security efforts more efficient and to enable the police authorities to focus more on real and grave threats like terrorism related activities that could put more lives in danger than the mere bullets that prove useless in the hands of a domestic helper or peace-loving overseas Filipino workers.

The young senator encourages his fellow lawmakers to continue visiting existing laws that are giving more sufferings to ordinary Filipinos rather than helping them better their lives.

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