Sen. Bam Aquino loses his cool after this guy exposed him for what he really is – a credit grabber!

Before the advent of social media, politicians can easily fool the public by faking their achievements and grabbing credits despite doing nothing.

But times have changed since the arrival of the internet and the social media.

Sen. Bam Aquino has learned his lesson the hard way.

In case you don’t know, Aquino has been grabbing credit from the Duterte administration like the free college education and free internet laws enacted recently.

But netizen Harold Tan couldn’t stand it anymore, called Sen. Bam Aquino an “epal” whose only concern is his re-election bid not the general public.

“He said he was concerned about job security for BPO workers whose jobs may be replaced by AI. I said the only job security he was truly concerned with is his own and that I will campaign against his own job security in 2019. Then I told him he was epal about the free college education act then showed him a youtube video where BBM had a clear plan about free college education in a speech in 2015. Trophy awarded.”

Obviously triggered by Tan’s behavior, Sen. Bam Aquino quickly blocked him from commenting on his Twitter account.

Sen. Aquino’s behavior did not make a lot of people happy on Facebook and responded by bashing him online.

Netizen Anson Antz campaigns for a boycott of Bam Aquino come election day. “election day don’t vote for this Parody … he thinks by looking alike his dad will win him a seat … Never to old trapos … Change to new faces kahit pumalpak … Mas ok pa kaysa old faces”

Wendle Urgel remarks: “Best cosplayer of Ninoy😁”

Antonio Jr de Pano says Bam reminds him of Mar. “Just like Mar, can’t handle the #pressure 😁”

Cheryll Hornejas takes a swipe at Bam Aquino, who has been very noisy criticizing Duterte for allegedly curtailing press freedom. “That’s freedom of speech for them….hahahahahahaha”

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