Sen. Grace Poe’s negative stance on ‘ethics complaint’ against Trillanes draws flak from netizen

A post slamming Sen. Grace Poe for thumbing down the ethics complaint to be filed by Sen. Gordon against Sen. Trillanes has been making the rounds online.

In the Philippine Star article, Sen. Poe expressed her sadness because of the quarrel between her senate colleagues, Senators Gordon and Trillanes during the hearing on smuggling in the Bureau of Customs.

“Siyempre nakakalungkot rin ang nangyaring yan dahil mga kasama ko yan, pero ang ninanais ko sana, hindi na humantong ito sa isang ethics hearing on ethics complaint.”

Sen. Poe hoped that the quarrel between two senators is resolved by a dialogue between the parties. [Link here]

“Maganda sana na pag-usapan nila nang maayos, wala ng complaint na papasok para hindi na rin mabawasan ang oras ng bawat senador sa iba pang mga trabaho namin.”

Sen. Poe’s stance on the ethics complaint against Sen. Trillanes has been met with harsh response from a netizen identified as Ricakintana on Facebook.

“No need for Ethics complaint? Did Grace Poe even see what Trillanes did? Or is Poe getting a jaundice relapse? Using the senate’s business as reason for NOT filing a complaint is completely … BS!!! Citing that an ethics complaint will distract the Senate from doing other MORE important business does not even compute. Because, how can the senate do it’s job when there is a “panggulo” (for lack of a BETTER english term to describe what Trillanes is doing (and not going into expletives)). Anybody can see Trillanes’ bias (which is already bordering on vendetta) against anything even remotely connected to PRRD. And saying that it’s his job is just a cover up to escape prosecution. It even appears that he is in on the take, seeing that he is against ALL that PRRD is trying to do to improve the country.

And besides, if Trillanes REALLY IS against smuggling, how come he didn’t say anything about it during Noynoy’s term? Could it be because smugglers had a free hand then? Or maybe, now that PRRD’s government is cracking down on smuggling, certain people are losing money? So what do they do? They unleash Trillanes to make a muddle of things and to sidetrack current investigations. Madami bang masasagasaan?

Let’s take it from history. Trillanes refused amnesty when offered by GMA and De Venecia. But accepts amnesty from Noynoy? HAHAHA !!! That alone already looks suspicious. So basically, he is now a lapdog for Noynoy and his party. Nevermind not being a member of LP. If you do the bidding of the party, then you are nothing but a stooge. And all his actions in the senate, all point to his wanting to put PRRD in a bad light. And if he puts Duterte in a bad light, that light also reflects the country. In my book that is called TREASON. And TREASON is not just a crime against one person or one family. IT’S A CRIME AGAINST THE ENTIRE COUNTRY !!!”

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