Senatorial bet Erin Tañada may be losing votes after this photo he shared with a woman fish vendor goes viral. Find out why!

Senatorial bet Erin Tañada may be losing votes of voters after this photo he shared with a woman fish vendor goes viral on Facebook.

The photo was uploaded by the Facebook page VoVph just today, February 20, 2019 with the caption, “Erin Tañada Bawal na sa palengke ang PLASTIC bat andyan ka.”

Take a quick look at the photo below and come back in a minute or two and let us know what you think of the photo.

Meanwhile, the photo has been getting a lot of engagement from the Facebook followers of VoVph, generating more than 6,000 reactions, 10,807 shares and 1,530 comments and counting, just two hours or so after the photo was posted.

Check out the comments below of netizens.

Netizen Rey Aguilar couldn’t help but ask for alcohol or hand sanitizer, in an apparent dig at Erin Tanada.

YAYAAAAAAHHHHH!!.. alcohol please!.. or better yet get my scented hand sanitizer… now na!!! 😛

Jennifer Delos Santos urged fellow commenters to take note of the handshake and how Erin’s smile which she described as ‘maasim’ (sour).

Look at the hand shakes? 😂 tsk! And also the smile he made? Napaka asim!!!

Andie Manlangit Amor remarked that he can’t stop himself from cursing while looking at the photo.

Mapapamura ka nlng talaga.. sa sobrang balatkayong pagmumukha ang paplastic.. sa garbage sila nbabagay

Christopher Pino poked fun at Erin Tanada by coming up a ‘conyo’ dialogue to entertain fellow commenters.

omg so disgusting🤢 do I really have to shake her filthy hand?? I need to go out of this palce na it’s so mabaho in here, yaya are we done with our photoshoot na?
-Erin Tañada

Isaganie Gorgonio remarked that this is the kind of politician who are hypocrites because they would wash their hands with a drum of alcohol as soon as he gets inside his car.

Ito yon mga klaseng hipokrito na polpolitiko. Malamang pagsakay niyan sa sasakyan isang drum na alcohol ipanghuhugas niyan. 😄🤣😂

And more harsh comments from netizen against Erin Tañada…

Michael Nangit Galalan Ilagay na yan sa Bayong bawal ang plastic sa palengke…:
Otso diretso sa hukay🤮🤮🤮🤮

Eduria Analyn Pinandirihan ka manang hambalusin mo ng galunggong!

Noil Perz ngiting aso ang plastik…..hoy ulelat sa basurahan k dapat mangangampanya!!! derecho sa enodoro….mga salot na LPigs!!!!

As of January 2019 Pulse Asia survey, OtsoDiretso senatorial bet Erin Tañada is out of the top 20 rankings among the senatorial candidates. [PhilStar]

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