“Show a little humility”, “Extend the olive branch yourselves” — Talk show host’s humble advice to ABS-CBN owners how to appease Duterte

Franco Mabanta, who introduced himself on social media accounts as CEO & business junkie, national political operator, digital strategist and TV and events host has written an open letter to friends at ABS-CBN.

In the open letter, Mabanta opened by recalling the Panelo interview wherein the Malacanang Spox told Karen Davila the source of President’s anger towards the Kapamilya network. “Panelo said in his interview with Davila that Duterte is angry more than anything at the “hubris of the owners”; that your employees can show obedience and modesty, yet those who he feels are mainly at fault are too arrogant to do the same.”

Mabanta, without hesitation offered his humble suggestion to friends at ABS-CBN by posing a question, “Why not just apologize? 🤷‍♂️”

Mabanta asked a series of questions to elicit the positive response from the people at ABS-CBN whom he addressed his open letter. “Why not just say sorry — as dignified billionaires to the Head of State — instead of dragging this through senate hearings and all sorts of lobbying endeavors for congressional backing? If the 11,000 kapamilya jobs really mean as much to you as you say, isn’t this the more prudent approach? If you want what Davila recently referred to as “a nightmare” to be a few steps closer to coming to an end, why not just show a little humility and extend the olive branch yourselves?”

Mabanta remarked that he had nothing but experiences when he was working with them and can’t see the wisdom to wait when disgruntled former employees will start washing dirty laundry in public. Mabanta claimed there are many of them. “I’ve had nothing but positive experiences working with you, but I just don’t see how it’s wise to risk the possible airing of dirty laundry from far less happy former employees. There are many bricks on this end of the weighing scale.”

Mabanta said that national politics and everyday life are two different leagues. In their league, an apology is handy not because one is at fault, but the situation calls for it. “National politics and everyday life don’t vibrate on the same frequency. You guys know this. In our bandwidth, oftentimes an apology becomes necessary, not because you’re wrong, but because the situation calls for it — regardless of ego.”

“More precisely, some times it’s as simple as recognizing it as the responsible thing to do,” Mabanta wrote.

Mabanta went on to placate the egos of the ABS-CBN Big Bosses in case his open letter offended them, somewhat. “You are undefeated, yes. But so is this President.”

Mabanta ended the post by reiterating his call to ABS-CBN big bosses by posing a thought-provoking question. “Why roll the dice when a few gentle words spoken over a cordial private dinner would almost instantly begin easing tensions?”

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Source: Franco Mabanta

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