“Sino ang SINUNGALING?” — Lt. Gen. Parlade gives ultimatum to Sonny Africa of Ibon Foundation to respond before the year ends

An apparently incensed Lt. Gen. Antonio Parlade Jr. of NTF ELCAC and SOLCOM Chief took to Facebook demanding an answer from a certain Sonny Africa of IBON Foundation.

The General accused Sonny Africa of spreading fake news, allegedly confessing to Karen Davila during a ZOOM interview that the government do not have evidence against the front organizations, hence they are red-tagging them all these years.

The General opened the brief FB post by commending Sonny Africa for being smart, in a sarcastic tone, forcing him to go back and review his video interview with Karen Davila.

The General urged netizens to go straight to 18:26 where he said the NTF ELCAC and the government have evidence against the front organizations.

The General remarked that Sonny Africa was lucky that it was only now when his attention was called.

The General asked Africa who is lying between them, demanding an answer asap.

The General asked Africa where in the video did he say NTF ELCAC and the government have no evidence against the front organizations of the CPP NPA?

The General once again asked Africa if he wants his 1,800+ viewers to believe what he wrote were the words of Parlade?

The General reiterated his demand for Africa to give him answer. He told Africa that he will give him time to respond in his own FB account before the year ends.

The General informed netizens how African and IBON twist facts to defame people or put the government in a very bad light. In addition, this is how IBON destroyed the reputation of the Philippines before the international community, the UB, EU, US through his lies.

The General asked if this is what London School of Economics taught him?

The General ended the brief FB rant by urging netizens to wait for Africa’s response.

Below is the FB post Sonny Africa.

Karen Davila: If you really have evidence against the groups you’re red-tagging, why not take them to court? Lt. Gen….

Posted by Sonny Africa on Saturday, October 24, 2020

So, smart Sonny Africa, I reviewed the video of my interview with Karen Davila (Short cut..go to 18:26 when I said Yes…

Posted by Antonio Parlade on Monday, December 28, 2020


Source: Lt. Gen. Antonio Parlade

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