“So umamin ng may pagkakamali tigilan nyo na pagrarally at pagdedepensa.” — Netizen to ABS-CBN defenders amid admission of network of their mistakes

The Inquirer article dated February 12, 2020 wherein ABS-CBN owners allegedly admitted they are not a perfect organization has been hugely welcomed by staunch Duterte supporter and blogger Noel Landero Sarifa.

In a Facebook post, Sarifa said that in light of this development, ABS-CBN owners having admitted their mistake and expressing willingness to face their mistakes, the defenders of the network should stop saying that the whole brouhaha is an attack of press freedom.

Ayan umamin na sila na may pagkakamali sila at handa silang harapin ang kanilang pagkakamali. So sana tigilan na natin ang pagsasabing ginigipit sila ng administration or tinatapakan ang press freedom.

Sarifa proceeded to explain why he believes the supporters of the network should put this thing behind because ABS-CBN did already issue a statement admitting their shortcomings, which mean the QUO WARRANTO is not an attack of press freedom.

First, ABS-CBN need to renew its franchise because it will expire by the end of March. Tackling the issue of ABS-CBN franchise renewal is very timely and not suppression of press freedom.

– Unang una need nila magrenew ng Franchise kasi expiration of its franchise will be by the end of March. So napapanahon ito hindi pwersahan.

Second, it’s about time that the government will look into it and see if they committed violations of its franchise which is standard process during renewal.

– Pangalawa napapanahon lang na tignan kung may violation sila ng franchise part yun ng process ng renewal.

The Quo Warranto has been filed because the government noted irregularities. If the allegation is proven to be false, they should prove it. If it’s true, the ABS-CBN owners have already expressed willingness to face the consequences.

– May Quo Warranto kasi na-kitaan ng irregularities, kung hindi naman totoo ang allegation iprove nila, kung totoo e willing naman na silang managot sa mga pagkakamali nila.

Sarifa called on the defenders of ABS-CBN not to take this against the President. This is just a normal process any network must go through when renewing a contract. Now that they have admitted their mistake, its time to stop these rallies and defending ABS-CBN.

let us not take this against the President this is a normal process any network should go through sa pagrenew ng contract. So umamin ng may pagkakamali tigilan nyo na pagrarally at pagdedepensa.

Sarifa wrapped up the FB post by heaping praises on the Duterte administration for doing a good job in making everyone, even the high and mighty, to toe the line, which is unprecedented in PH recent history.

Only a Duterte Administration can soften a giant, not just this one, US, Inquirer, Pangilinan, Ayala, Mighty Corp. PLDT, Lucio Tan..etc, etc.. so brace yourselves kababayan, we are in the midst of a war between Oligarch and the government. Ito na ang panahon na walang mayaman o mahirap, lahat kailangang sumunod sa batas. This is not a dictatorship, this is strict implementation of the by-laws of this land.

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Source: Noel Sarifa

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