Swedish national accused 2 NAIA employees of extortion

On January 3, 2017, Ira Panganiban of the Radyo Inquirer writes:

“Reklamo naman sa airport na ginagawa pa din ng mga kolokoy dun!!! Yari kayo kay GM Ed Monreal.”

According to Mr. Panganiban, a Facebook follower PM’ed him to report about an unpleasant incident in NAIA involving her sister’s Swedish boyfriend who was victimized by 2 NAIA porters recently.

“I’ve sent an email to Mocha but maybe my letter hasn’t been read yet,” the female sender said. “Kaya sana maiparating nyo sa kinauukulan tong message ko.” (Hopefully, the letter will reach to the concerned authorities.)

The sender continued: “My sister’s Swedish boyfriend flew in last Dec.30 via Turkish Airways around 8pm and sinalubong sya ng 2 porters.”

“He asked them where the exit was and they voluntarily offered to escort him out of NAIA 1,” the sender said.

According to Jimmy (the Swedish guy), “he was taken to different areas of the airport that’s why it took him almost an hour to get out after immigration.

Upon saying daylight when he finally saw the exit door, Jimmy said, the 2 porters demanded money for the service, equivalent to 5 thousand pesos Philippine money.

“Nakakapikon lang na akala nung foreigner normal na dapat nag aabot ng gnung kalaking pera pagdating dito sa airport natin,” the woman letter sender remarked.

The woman letter sender said that the 2 corrupt morons could keep the money and deny the accusation but she expressed confidence, the CCTV’s will prove her right.

They can keep the money and I’m more than sure that those 2 corrupt morons will deny the allegation but with all the CCTVs there l’m sure at one point their images were captured by the cameras.

She said she hated the guts of the 2 porters for defying Duterte’s efforts to rid the government of corrupt employees.

Nakakagigil isipin na after all the effort of our President to rid this government of corrupt people these 2 porters had the gall to continue their madurugas ways.

“My sister didn’t want to expose her boyfriend to scrutiny but I am willing to speak for Jimmy kasi nakakasira yung dalawang ungas na porters na yun and sana alisin na lang sila kasi sa lahat ng airports sa mundo dito lang sa tin may ganyan!” the woman complainant said.

“Lakas maka-dukha!” the woman exclaimed!

She promised to provide more details regarding the incident but before ending her post, she asks a favor from the Radyo Inquirer reporter.

“I am willing to give you more details regarding the incident and sana po matulungan nyo ako na masampal yung 2 ungas na porters na yun (since sinabi naman ni Tatay Digs na sampalin yung mga tarantado pag nanghingi ng pera)! Thanks in advance sir and more power!”

What do you want to say to the 2 corrupt porters? Please share your opinion on this by commenting below.

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