The game ‘how many Hermes bags owned by Ozamiz VM Nova Princess Parojinog can you count’ goes viral

While the bloody Ozamiz raid has been the talk of the town, a blogger wants to play the game, ‘counting how many Hermes bags’ Nova Parojinog own.

On Facebook, Sass Rogando Sasot invites her social media followers to play a simple game, that involves basic counting.

Are you in? Sass wants you to count how many Hermes bags the just arrested Nova Parojinog owned, well as far as the video is concerned.

This is timely in light of the recent development in Ozamiz and Duterte’s rejuvenated anti-drug war campaign.

Bilangin ang Hermes bags ni Nova Parojinog of Ozamiz City and remember how many lives got destroyed so she could buy them.

The video was uploaded on YouTube exactly a year ago showing the Vice Mayor of Ozamiz City Nova Princess Parojinog parading her array of expensive Hermes designer bags.

The video is only 88 seconds in length and merely screen grab photos of VM Parojinog with her Hermes bags in different colors and style.

According to Google, the price of Hermes bags is in the range of US$5,000 to US$70,000.

I supposed Nova Princess Parojinog owns 11 Hermes bags. Well, that’s as far as the video is concerned.

Let us check the comments of netizens in the thread opened by social media blogger Sass Rogando Sasot.

Connie Blanco wrote: “All shapes sizes n colors of illusions…delusions that obviously took her where she is now never with even the slightest remorse gives only lessons n hard ones at that.”

Maria Juana Ibo Comedido remarked: “When you display your Hermes in a sea of hungry people, you end up looking like the crocodile. Conspicuous Consumption si Madam! But Even if she carries a Hermes Birkin Himalayan albino crocodile hand bag, she still looks like an aliping sagigilid.”

Mae Kyle asked: “How could she afford bumili ng madaming Hermes bags if mayor tatay nya at vice mayor sya. Daming pera pa la sa Ozamis”

Diane Baga noted the VM is also fond of another expensive design brand. “Ah the downfall of corrupt politicians and their wives — high street fashion bags…and shoes…lets not forget those Ferragamo shoes, i noticed that Parajinog is also wearing Ferragamo in some of the pics.”

Engr Miles remarked that the price of Hermes bag gave her goosebumps. “Kinilabutan ako sa Presyo nang HERMES Bag, 8,650 USD lang naman wala pang additional na Tax yan, Almost Half a Million Pesosesssssssssssssss.. para lang sa bag…”

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Credits to Sass Rongando Sasot

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