Thinking Pinoy goes offensive against Rappler’s Pia Ranada after she compared Duterte’s foreign trip expenses to predecessors

Pia Ranada is making another noise on social media after she wrote an article accusing Duterte of spending three times more than his predecessors on foreign trips.

Pia went to the extent of breaking down the expenses incurred by the Duterte government in foreign trips during his first year and compare it with the first year of Aquino and Arroyo. [Rappler]

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However, critics noted that Pia Ranada failed to factor in the benefits that Duterte’s foreign trips receive in return.

RJ Nieto aka Thinking Pinoy took to Facebook, sticking it to the face of Ranada that her logic is flawed.

You may read the open letter below.

Dear SPO4 Pia Ranada,

You got the first FoI document in February, yet it took you over four months to come up with a (half-assed) spin?

Of course, it’s gonna be an “exclusive” because only an idiot like you will analyze costs with taking into account the benefits.

Pilit na pilit ang spin, ‘teh.

Simpleng tanong: How much foreign investment pledges did each president receive during their first year, what’s the cost-to-pledge ratio, and how do they compare?

But you won’t ask that question, of course. SPO4 nga lang, hindi mo alam ang kahulugan e. May investigative-investigative pang nalalaman ang putang ina.

Pia, “kailan ka hindi magiging fake news”?

At PCOO, hanggang kailan niyo sisikmurain ‘tong gagang ‘to? Pa-tweetums pagharap, nananaksak pagtalikod. Hilig niyo rin kasing pahirapan ang sarili niyo e.

Lovingly yours,
TP — watching 3 Idiots at Rappler HQ.

Thinking Pinoy’s social media followers pounced on Pia Ranada to a pulp with their comments.

Fred Alson Salao remarked: “Cost vs benefit. Kahit gaano kalaki ang cost kung sobrang laki naman ng benefit, cost wouldnt matter. Pero para ma force yung propaganda niya, deadma sa benefits ng trip. Galawang bayarang PR media”

Roel Dechavez wrote: “This type of people dont understand cost and gain. Is a cancer that need to be put down. We have finally have a good president. Why not just support him for the good of the country. The country is already suffered enough. Philippines or DUTERTE is on the right track than those previous predecessor.”



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