This Canadian tourist remains upbeat of Mindanao in the wake of Martial Law declaration. Read why!

While Filipinos not from Mindanao are overwhelmed by the declaration of Martial law in Mindanao, this Canadian tourist remains upbeat about Mindanao.

Kyle Jennermann also known by his Filipino nickname “Kulas” has been calling Cagayan de Oro home since 2014 after getting enamored with the Filipinos ability to smile in the face of adversity.

Since then, ‘Kulas’ has been traveling the Philippines extensively, especially in Mindanao, on board his scooter he named ‘Cindy’ together with a Filipino friend who acted as his photographer and videographer exploring off the beaten track while experiencing local culture first hand.

In the wake of the Martial law declaration in Mindanao after the Maute attack in Marawi City, ‘Kulas’ has been receiving messages on social media from concerned netizens telling him to leave Mindanao asap, and even the Philippines for his safety.

Instead of cowering in fear and heeding the advice of his Facebook followers, ‘Kulas’ took to Facebook Live, in his usual playful and disarming smile telling his followers to chill and life is normal and people are living their lives just like before Martial law has been declared.

Note that ‘Kulas’ was traveling to somewhere (perhaps to Cagayan de Oro his home base) via a boat after visiting Tagub City in Misamis Occidental while doing Facebook Live.

If that somewhere was CDO, ‘Kulas’ will pass by several Muslim-dominated towns in Lanao del Norte, including Iligan City, an hour ride from Marawi City and yet you can’t see any signs he is worried or scared in the video.

As of this writing, the video has gathered 983,000 views, 15,740 shares and 38,153 reactions on Facebook.

Let us read the comments of netizens to check how they respond to the video.

Sherri Barreto Templanza remarked: “Life is normal in Mindanao esp. in Iligan and CDO. The war is only confined in Marawi.”

Lornz Buena Vista wrote: “Kulas your the best thank you for promoting mindanao God is good.”

Ran Dy commented: “Mindanao is not a freaking war zone.”

Mel Go wrote: “Time to show that mindanao is a safe place for foreigner pls encourage your people to visit basilan, sulu, and other conflict areas as you are vigorously promoting in the past! Go kulas. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about Mindanao. I am from that Island too.
Amping. God bless all”

Kim Cam Go said: “This guy alrhough he is not a filipino..but he is much much better than other filipino like trillianes de lima and other filipino who are distriying our country. God bless u kulas n wish u a good life”

You may watch the video below.

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Source: PDI Kyle Jennermann (Becoming Filipino)


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