This guy got the nerve; he approaches a girl in a fast food, offers 5K to take her out

Guys these days are so brazen! Just imagine if you are a girl and a guy approaches you and offers 5K pesos in exchange for sex. How would you react?

A netizen recently posted an encounter with a brazen guy who thinks that all blonde girls wearing skirts are easy to get or ‘bayaran.’

According to the netizen, she decided to drop by at McDonalds Tropical to eat alone. Then out of nowhere, this guy came next to her which she thought as just another customer; the guy asked for water from the crew. As soon as the McDo crew left, the guy offered her 5K pesos in a whisper while pointing his car outside and left.

When she got her order, she sat down by a vacant table to enjoy her meal. Then the brazen guy returned and sat opposite to the girl. This is the point where she managed to record a short video as evidence of what transpired. This did not capture though the portion where the 5K pesos offer was made.


LIBOG LANG YAN KUYA! HAHAHAHA! Kilala niyo ba tong lalaking toh? Nilapitan ba naman ako andhe offered 5k sakin kagabi. I went to Mcdo Tropical, akolang mag isa to eat. Then lumapit sya akala ko customerlang. He ask for water so kumuha yung crew. Bumulong siyasakin. Na bibigyan nya ako 5k. Tinuro pa niya yung sasakyanniya.Nakuha ko na order ko and umupo. While eating pumasok ulitsiya tapos. He gave me a piece of paper. With his number.Itext ko daw and punta ako sa car niya.Kinakabahan ako patingin tingin outside umalis car niya sopina take out ko yung food ko. Agad and pumunta sa hi waypara magpara ng taxi. Bumalik siya tapos sinundan niya ako.Pinapasakay sa car niya pero sumakay ako sa taxi and wenthome.- KAIZA

Posted by R-Breezy After Dark on Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The guy told her to go straight to his car after she is done. Then he stood up and left like nothing happened. According to the netizen, she felt scared because the guy appeared to be waiting for her to come out. Instead of finishing her meal she opted to finish it at home when she saw the guy’s car was leaving.

While waiting for a taxi, the guy reappeared and parked in front of McDonalds. When he saw her, she motioned to the girl, signalling, to give her a ride. The girl ignored the stalker by walking away from where she was standing. The stalker followed her; good thing she hailed a taxi cab just in time and made it home.

Check her original post below.

Maniac on the loose in Tropical

What can you suggest if a guy makes an indecent proposal to a girl?

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