This lawyer thinks Manila Water created an artificial water crisis to force government to approve their Laguna Lake project?

If you’ve been following the news lately, some parts of Metro Manila are getting less water from Manila Water than their counterparts.

The impending water crisis is making a lot of Metro Manila residents anxious especially when the summer season is just around the corner.

As we’ve heard in the news, Manila Water is pinning the blame on El Nino while PAGASA says otherwise.

The conflicting statement from the two camps couldn’t help lawyer Trixie Cruz Angeles but suspect the Ayala-owned Manila Water is up to something.

Well, she has every right to suspect in light of this piece information she found online re Manila Water’s proposal to build a Laguna Lake project pending approval by the government.

Confused? Well, to help you understand Angeles’ conspiracy theory, I suggest you read her full FB post below.

It isnt El Niño. It’s something else.

PAGASA has weighed in. El Niño cannot be the cause of La Mesa dam’s critical levels, because the other dams have not registered the same rate of loss […/pagasa-counters-manila-water…/].

Manila Water then said that it has been drawing from La Mesa as its reserve because Angat dam, it’s main source, is no longer enough. [ibid] It also says its warning about critical levels has caused many of its other customers to store up water even when not in the areas expected for shut down. This in turn caused more water to be drawn from La Mesa [source: communication from Manila Water to its customers].

Still, the mystery remains, why has Manila Water been drawing (overdrawing?) from La Mesa. And why did it initially say that it was El Niño? Additionally, why is it only Manila Water who says Angat is not enough? Maynilad also draws from the same dam.

The answer may lie in this. Last August, MWSS announced that Manila Water’s proposal to build a filtration plant in Laguna Lake is too expensive. It seemed inclined to disallow the proposal. […/planned-water-treatment-plant…/]

Manila Water countered this by saying that by 2021, there will be a water shortage if the Laguna plant is not approved. […/]

Note that Manila Water also has a Rizal province project that will be completed this year that is supposed to supply for water enough for its districts up to 2020. [ibid].

Is it possible that this is Manila Water’s way of “convincing” MWSS, the regulatory body, to approve the Laguna Lake project?


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