This male passenger pretended to be sleeping while rubbing the young girl’s chest inside a bus. He never knew what was coming

If getting sexually harassed is hard enough for the female victims, try speaking about it and you won’t know how the public reacts.

But a brave young woman decides to speak up about her recent experience while riding a bus at the hands of a sexual pervert who brazenly did his thing in the presence of his wife.

Facebook user known by her handle, Jas Mine posted the video of the incident and warned fellow females to be careful with male passengers, like her attacker, when riding public transportation.

Worse, the wife of her attacker even defended the guy from the accusation, refusing to be believe her husband is a sex pervert as claimed by Jas Mine.

In the beginning of the video, the guy pretended to be sleeping while rubbing his right arm on the woman’s boob.

It is not clear when the guy started the sexual advances to his female victim but it appears the young girl just started recording the advances as soon as she was certain the guy was hitting on her.

The 57-second video reached its climax when the young girl created a scene inside the bus to embarrass the pervert.

Jas Mine urged netizens to share the video to teach her attacker a lesson so that he will not repeat in the future.

The post has garnered 10, 103 shares, 2,182 comments and 5,700 reactions as of this writing.

The video has breached the 1M views and garnered 1,186 shares as of today, 3 days after the video was uploaded.

The post has received mixed reactions from netizens. Most of the comments lauded Jas Mine for doing the right thing while a few criticized Jas Mine for taking a video first, before taking action to stop the guy’s advances.

Video now react later,” John Jireh wrote.

Imbis na pigilan nya agad nakuha mo pa mag video, Ibaa hahaha,” Jakk Ramos shared John’s observation. 

Haha. Alam nang lalaki na kinukuhanan mo siya ng video. Sana ikaw girl naka cross arm din for dede defense,” Nica Suarez suggested.

Mahirap mag react ng wala kang proof baka sabihin ng guy feelingera lang talaga yung babae. . Nangyare na sakin yan at hindi mo talaga alam kung paano i handle ang situation kaya wag kayong basta comment kung hindi pa kayo nalalagay sa ganyang sitwasyon,” Menchie Pisco Opon wrote in defense of Jas Mine’s late reaction.

“Natatawa ako sa mga nagsabi na vinedeohan muna bago nag react. Malamang! Kung lalaban agad ang babae na walang ebidensya. Sinong maniniwala sakanya? Lalo na kasama pa ng manyak asawa nya? Kung iiwas lang ang babae at di magsasalita. Uulit at uulit yan para mang manyak pa ng iba!” Jennery Javier expressed his exasperation with the commenters who ridicule Jas Mine for her “video first, react later” attitude.

In general, the mood of the netizens is anger and disgust towards the sexual attacker who take advantage of the situation inside a public transportation.



In your opinion, how would you have handled the situation if you were in Jas Mine’s shoes? Please comment below.


Source: Jas Mine

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