This old man spent 12 years in Davao Penal Colony and his story moves the internet to tears. Read why!

Who are we to judge?

This is the introduction of the viral post about an old man who spent 12 years in prison for a crime he said he did not commit.

Angelique Stephanie Pasion, a student from Davao City said she posted the story of the old man in the photo below not for fame but simply amazed how the old man endured 12 years in prison and after realizing that we cannot judge people unless we know their stories.

The post has moved social media to tears and has since 17,146 shares, 62,000 reactions and 9,891 comments less than 24 hours it hit Facebook and growing.

Credits to Angelique Pasion for the photo

Read the post below.

“Who are we to judge?”

Earlier today as I’m on the way sa school, the bus stopped infront sa Davao Penal Colony (Dapecol) and nagsakay si tatay (man on the photo). As he sit down, gi direct niyag ask ang conductor if how much daw ang pamasahe tapos gi ask siya sa conductor if asa diay daw siya mag baba then ana siya na sa Davao daw and ang iyang only money is 50 pesos nalang jud. And maayo gani kay murag nalouy si ate beside me and she added 50 pesos para sa bus fare ni tatay. And he start to tell his story sa bus. Si tatay daw is bagong laya from Dapecol, he was in jail for 12 years but wala siya nakulong because siya ang naka commit sa sala. Giako lang daw niya ang sala para mahuman ang kaso.


(Earlier today as I ‘m on the way to school, the bus stopped in front of Davao Penal Colony and an old man (inset photo) came aboard. As he sat down, he asked the bus conductor about the fare, and where to get off in Davao City. He told the bus conductor that he only had 50 pesos in his pocket. A kind lady who sat beside Angelique gave the old man 50 pesos to add to his fare money. This is when the old man started telling his story. According to Tatay, he just got released from the Dapecol, wasted 12 years of his life while maintaining his innocence. He said he admitted to the crime to end the misery of a long-drawn out court hearings.)

His family never know that nakulong siya because he was working fine sa Cebu and sustaining ang mga needs saiyang family who is nasa Bacolod. Year 2004 daw napasok siya sa Dapecol and for 12 years didto daw siya nagstay and wala kabalo iyang parents, siblings bisan iyang asawa and mga anak (his eldest daw na anak is in grade 3 pa daw that time) that’s why for 12 years walay nidalaw saiyan bisan isa, even on birthdays and christmas. And now nakalaya na siya he is so excited to go home sa bacolod. Nakahilak siya sa bus kay thankful kaayo siya kay God na naa siyay another chance to live with freedom. Ang dala lang niya pauli sa bacolod is iyang bag na ang sulod is mga damit and kanang papel sa iyang kamot which is daw ang Certification of discharge. Kana lang jud daw. Tapos wala napud daw siyay money bisan piso so nalipay ko nakita na ang mga uban pasahero is gitunulan si tatay og kwarta that proves daghan pajud diay gold ang heart and i also open my wallet to get something para kay tatay bisan gamay lang I know dako na kaayo siya na help para saiya. Makita jud nako sa iyang mata na happy kaayo siya and dili na siya makahulat na makauli para makita iyang pamilya.


(His family never knew he got imprisoned for a crime he said he was innocent. He was working fine in Cebu, sending money to his family in Bacolod. It was year 2004 when he entered Dapecol. He said he did not inform the family (parents, siblings, wife and kids) about his misfortune . His eldest child was in in Grade 3 when he entered Dapecol and during the entire length of his prison term, no one visited him during Christmases and birthdays. And now that he is free, excitement is written all over his face to go home to Bacolod. He cried on the bus because he is thankful to God he was given a second chance to live with freedom. He said he had nothing except a bag containing clothes and the paper he was holding in his hand (Certification of Discharge). He has no money other than the 50-piso fare. According to her, she was happy watching other passengers handing money to the old man, a proof that are still many people with golden hearts. She said she also took out her wallet to give something to the old man, even a small amount knowing that it will go a long way. She said she can see it his eyes that he was happy and he can’t wait to go home to his family.)

I hope na makauli siya saila and safe iyang byahe 🙏🏻💖 ( I hope he goes home to his family and have a safe trip.)

I’m not posting this to earn fame but na amaze lang ko kay tatay na nakaya niya tanan for 12 years and narealize pud nako na dili jud dapat ta mag judge sa uban tao kay wala ta kabalo sailang tinoud na stories. Thank you! (I am not posting this to earn fame but simply amazed at the old man because he endured 12 years in prison and I came to realization that we are not supposed to judge people until we hear their stories. Thank you!)

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