This policeman must have wished he never did this to fellow motorists. Now, he must be praying hard PNP Chief will not see this!

President Duterte is on a mission to change the country. But he can’t do it alone unless, the people people do their part.

This must have been in the mind of Facebook user Bonnie Evangelista Tenorio when he shared his dashcam video on the Facebook page “GMA News YouScoopers” to embarrass motorists in the social media who brazenly violates simple traffic rules without regard for other motorists and teach them a lesson.

This video is not the first of its kind but but what sets this apart from other videos is that the violator is a policeman.

The law enforcer is the lawbreaker in the video.

This is imperative for the PNP, especially the PNP Chief to reprimand this policeman so that civilians will learn to follow traffic rules because they know this government is serious in instilling discipline in its people, civilian or uniformed employees of the government.

In the video, a policeman in uniform alighted from the counterflowing Nissan sedan and walked past the motorist he just blocked without even asking for permission, to say the least.

The video of counterflowing and illegally parking police officer has earned the ire of netizens and they made sure that their opinion are heard in the comment’s section.

“Admin sana makarating ni sir bato para isama yan pagtapon sa Mindanao or palinisin ng tubig sa Pasig river. (Admin, hope this matter will reach PNP Chief Bato so that this policeman will join the other policemen set to be assigned to Mindanao or get punished by cleaning up the Pasig River.)” Eric Amon commented.

“Hehehe ibang klase n tlaga mga pulis ngaun. (Hehehe. The policemen today are a different class.)” Brad Barrameda wrote.

“Yari yan tapos na ang mga ganyan ngayon. (He is done. Times different now.)” Woodro Allanic commented.


Illegal U-turn, CounterflowIing and Illegal Parking by a LAW E…Isang alagad ng Batas,video speaks for itself! Happened in Calumpang, Binangonan Rizal

Posted by Bonnie Evangelista Tenorio on Tuesday, February 14, 2017


The incident happened in Calumpang, Binangonan Rizal on February 14, 2017.

Unless, this is an emergency situation, the policeman should have parked his car properly.

Meanwhile, the social media people are excited to hear the side of the policeman.

Do you agree that this policeman should be punished with a mere transfer to Mindanao?



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