This popular Facebook blogger sends strongest message versus anti-Imee Marcos black propaganda campaign in viral post

Senator aspirant Imee Marcos has been subjected to harsh and spirited black propaganda campaign by critics, apparently to derail the Marcoses return to national politics.

The Marcos enemies did that to Bongbong Marcos when he ran for a senate seat and when he ran for vice-president, using the same “college diploma tactic” that Imee Marcos has been getting now.

Will the Marcos enemies succeed? Will this tactic works?

Well, netizen Noel Landero Sarifa is not buying the anti-Marcos college diploma tactic. In fact, he is doing the opposite.

You may read the full post now.

Voting a candidate is not about their diploma, but it’s about their platform and what they can do as a public servant. Imee’s Diploma is not included in my list when I decide that I will vote for her. It is beyond Princeton and UP Issue.

Why would I Vote Imee Marcos:

– Imee is a Governor and just like Duterte, Imee has a blue print. Kung si Duterte may Davao as his Blue Print for national position, si Imee naman may Ilocos Norte.

– She was awarded as the most outstanding governor, not just once or twice, she is a Hall of Famer, awarded for three consecutive year. Gaano kadami ang Governor ng Pilipinas?Top 1 sya palagi as governor for 3 years. I bet No Aquino’s was able to achieve that in public service.

– She revive her father’s projects na nakakatulong sa mamamayan, like Kadiwa System and she could revive more national projects na tinigil after EDSA revolution, she knows her Father’s Projects and Plans very well.

– Imee was able to reduce poverty in Ilocos Norte, give jobs to 50,000 people, provide a decent Jobs to senior citizen, ni-level up ang trabaho ng mangingisda, karpentero and mananahi. Imagine if we can have this implemented on a national scale.

-She launched Sirib Express that helped assess the needs of the youth; and create opportunities for out-of-school youths, indigents, and job-seeking graduates. Pwede din nya eto gawing batas and can be implemented nationwide.

I watched a lot of Imee’s Interview, and masasabi mo talaga she’s really hands-on in public service, there are sincerity in her words, hindi sya yung after being elected mawawala tapos maririnig mo na lang ulit before next election. Imee knows issues need to address in her province and knows how to resolved it and it was implemented. After typhoon Ompong her assessment of her province’ condition and resolution was superb, she knows it like the back of her hands.

During Edsa Revolution, a lot have been stolen, Malacanang was ransacked, Philippine properties were given to oligarch, our history was altered, our country was robbed of it’s potential to be a great nation, so hindi na ako magtataka if a diploma at records ay nawawala.

Imee is not Martial Law, She is not Ferdinand Marcos, she is not Imelda Marcos, we need to be smart enough to separate her from the sins of the past that she did not actually cause, rather see her as an individual, what she is, what she accomplished and what she can do for our country. I look at her in that aspect and that’s why she’s on my list of senatoriable.

She supports The President at a great extent and that alone is enough for me to vote for her.

P.S. Since you asked me of my list of senatoriables, This is my response. I’m going to give you an insight of my senators, in random order.

Noel Landero Sarifa

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