This San Beda alumnus & lawyer says with conviction he will never ever vote for Leni Robredo. Find out why!

Politics they say is addition.

Meaning, you want to win as people as you want, especially registered voters, to your side and come election time, it will be translated to votes.

But if we read the recent FB post of San Beda College of Law alumnus Atty. Bruce Rivera, Leni Robredo is doing the opposite.

Well, this is in light to her unsolicited comment on PRRD’s dr*g war.

In the FB post, Rivera poured out his heart via an article with the title “THIS IS THE REASON WHY I WILL NEVER VOTE FOR LENI. “

Rivera’s FB post cited “uninspired leadership” as the main reason why he will never vote and voted for Leni Robredo.

Rivera explained that uninspired leadership is the brand of public service that stops the country from reaching our full potential.

Rivera was particularly reacting to Robredo’s statement saying that Duterte should halt the dr*g war because it has been a failure.

An irate Rivera asked Robredo that if Duterte’s dr*g war is a failure, what is her alternative solution that will stop the proliferation of shab* or a plan that will result in zero casualty?

Rivera ended the FB post telling Robredo to stop wondering why the disdain of so many for issuing statements that reflects her uninspired leadership.

You may read Atty. Bruce Rivera’s full FB post below.


I never got her and I never will. She is an example of the brand of public service that is the reason why we have not reached our full potential. I call “uninspired leadership”.

Uninspired leadership is one that does not have a vision. It is a leadership content with status quo system. It is that brand of leadership that complains about problems but has no solution.

Abandon the drug war? So what do you want PRD to do? Stop the anti-drug operations, befriend the drug lords, surrender to the scourge and allow the Philippines to be a narco state just because 27,000 are killed. Assuming that to be true, if 0.02% of the Filipino population is killed, stop the drug war? What is your solution if we abandon the Duterte approach? Do you have a much better plan that will stop shabu from becoming the staple or a plan that has zero death?

Or you will only tell us if we let you rule us as President. Walang kang pinakitang redeeming factor as Vice President. And you expect most of us to give credence to what you are saying when you have not given even a solution to the drug problem. During the time LP ruled the nation, the PNoy administration denied that it was a huge problem. The Ninja Cop investigation has proven that it was a huge problem even during PNoy’s time. And now you are saying that we abandon the drug war because it is a failure. What is more a failure, Madame VP?

The failure to see the problem?
Being able to see there is a problem but deny the problem exists?
Being able to see the problem and die trying to solve it?
Or you? Being blind to see the problem, insisting there is no problem? And do not even try to solve it?

And you wonder why the disdain of so many.

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