This young placard-bearing anti-Duterte protester earns distinction as Leni Robredo’s 1st protege in school of mathematics?

A photo of young and unnamed placard-bearing anti-Duterte protester has been getting a lot of attention lately after RJ Nieto aka Thinking Pinoy called him a protege of Leni Robredo’s school of mathematics.

In a Facebook post, RJ Nieto jokingly asked if the young and placard-bearing protester was a time traveler or a Robredo protege?


Please read RJ Nieto’s explanation why he thinks that way.


After 40 × 4, we now have 2018 – 30.

Either time travel is real or VP Leni Robredo’s affliction is more contagious than previously thought.

UPDATE: Somebody said this photo may have been taken in 2016. Assuming it’s true, that’d be 2016 – 30 = 1986. Duterte won in May 2016, so “30 years ago” at the time cannot be earlier than May 1986… and Cory became president in February 1986. Mali pa rin.

2ND UPDATE: The photo could not have been taken earlier than March 2016 because everybody was too busy rooting for their own presidential candidate. Anti-Duterte rallies were virtually non-existent prior to May 2016.

Thinking Pinoy’s post has elicited laughs among his FB page followers, getting 3,800 clicks out of 6,140 reactions on Facebook.

Leni Robredo wasn’t spared either as she snide remarks from netizens too.

Bryner Brynner Thinking Pinoy Saang School kaya yan ? Sa May Diliman ba yan ? ROBredo ba ang part time teacher? Naku po hindi ko ipa-enrol mga anak ko jan nakakabahala ang math nila advance cguro!

Marcelo Malones May sariling imbentong calculator si Aling Leni.

Rfbong Pagunsan The Chronicles of Leni and her stupidity

Rhalz Gao Thinking Pinoy) hindi siya nag mamathematics kasi ang gamit niya PCOS Machine.😂😂😂😂

Teresita Pundavela Diyos ko lord na mahabagin anong klaseng utak binigay mo kay Leni. Puro LUGAW kasi kinaksin kaya ang resulta lusaw ang utak.

John Zeon Yee Dionesio My bagong method kasi ng Mathematics ngayon yan ang tinuturo sa mga taga UP ang Robredometri, simple lang naman I.E 40×4 = 1600 meaning add an invisble multiplier of 10 para makakarami. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Jennifer Chew Malamang absent sila nung tinuro ang addition and subtraction 😀😀

Meanwhile, some netizens say this photo was taken sometime in 2017.

Maynne Millares This photo was old, it was the same rally when umiyak si Agot Isidro sa Social Media kasi ninakaw ng kapwa nya yellow rallyist ang iphone nya. This photo was from last year, 2017.

I think, it was from the antimarcos burial rally.

Aurlan Castillo Ostrea tp not 100% sure pero I think I saw that pic on the left last 2016 pa

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