TRAIN law? Surging prices? Not a problem says this jeepney driver. In fact, he offers free rides to senior citizens!

Train law? Surging prices of basic commodities and diminishing power of the peso? No problem says this jeepney driver.

In light of this gloomy backdrop, here comes a Manong jeepney driver who remains unfazed.

In fact, he is giving free rides to senior citizens while some of his peers resort to dirty tricks to get ahead by giving incomplete change to passengers.

Not all, but there are a few who are dishonest just to earn extra.

On average, how much does a jeepney driver in Metro Manila earns per day? P600? P300-500 per day?

Whether its P600 or P300-500 per day, the question is, “is this enough?”

If you factor in the surging prices of basic commodities in Metro Manila, would that be enough for a family of four to enjoy a “decent” lifestyle?

Did you check the photo below? Yes, that’s our kind-hearted Manong driver.

Credits to Popoy Lakandula and James Deakin.

Did you notice the eye-grabbing note? Well, he gives free rides to seniors.

Manong driver’s rare act of kindness caught the eye of one of his passengers who quickly snapped a photo of the piece of paper with the embedded text that says, “SA LAHAT PO NG SENIOR LIBRE NA PO KAYO”.

The netizen who identified himself “Popoy Lakandula” sent the photo to journalist and social media personality James Deakin who wasted no time and posted the awe-inspiring on his Facebook page.

Manong driver’s generosity has inspired one commenter to propose a fund raising campaign for Manong driver. The money raised will be use to purchase a new e-jeep. Netizen Glen Pets says, “Tara ambagan na sa New Jeep ni Manong. Piso para sa Jeep ni Manong. May 400k followers si James.”

To which Vic Portin replies: “Ano si James Deakin? piso para sa bagong e-jeep? I know you can produce a huge hat 😉😉😉para dun namin ipapatak ung ambag namin 🙂🙂🙂”

And Vi Pugna joined the conversation: “Calling James Deakin! Let’s fund raise for Manong’s new jeepney!”

But to make this work, they need journalist James Deakin’s cooperation and 400,000 strong Facebook followers.

Just imagine if each of James Deakin’s 400,000 followers donates P1, easily the campaign nets P400,000.

Is P400,000 enough to buy a new e-jeep? No. An e-jeep cost between P1.2-1.6 million.

Meanwhile, some netizens like Racquel Barrett commended the Manong driver for his kind gesture: “The Phils needs more people like him. Please find a company who is willing to buy him a new jeep. By doing this, you will be helping the seniors, too. Humanity wins over money with this…much respect goes to you po.”

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