Transcript: Senator Sotto’s sexist question during Sec Judy’s hearing goes viral

Every Presidential appointee must secure the nod of the powerful CA before becoming an official member of the executive branch of government.

The CA (Commission of Appointment) are composed of the Senate President and 12 from each members of the Upper and Lower House of Congress.

The CA is a constitutional body under the 1987 Constitution. The task of the CA is vet the appointees of the President as part of the Republican system of checks and balances and to prevent abuse from the appointing authority (President). [THE COMMISSION ON APPOINTMENTS]

Part of the vetting process is to do a background check of the presidential appointee. But as to what extent the kind of questions members of CA must ask? That is the lesson Senator Vicente Sotto III has learned, the hard way.

Judging by the thousands of netizens who clicked the ‘angry’ emoticons on the post about Senator Sotto’s sexist question asked of DSWD Secretary Judy Taguiwalo, you can say Senator Sotto is in big trouble.

As of this writing, the post has gathered 23,204 reactions, 13,731 shares and 360 comments on Facebook. Of the 23,204 reactions, 13,000 netizens clicked the angry emoticon.

To understand where the hate is coming from against Senator Sotto, the post of netizen Raphael Phoebus Ubales will give us a clue.

Sotto’s last question during Sec Judy’s hearing:

Sotto: On the lighter side, Senator Drilon and I were looking at the personal information about you. You have two children. Daughter ba or sons?

Sec Judy: Yes, two daughters.

Sotto: Two daughters. But you’re single? *room laughs*

Sec Judy: My life has never been a normal one. I never had a ‘mother, father, children’ kind of thing, except when I was growing up in Bacolod. Remember, I graduated from UP in 1970. I did organizing work. 1972 to 1986, it has been life underground or in prison. So, my stories would be different from the stories of those who have gone through UP, and then corporation…

Sotto: Ah in the street language, when you have children and you’re single ang tawag diyan ‘na-ano lang’. *more laugther* Thank you, you have my 100% support, madame secretary.

Sec Judy: Senator Sotto, I teach women’s studies in UP. We respect all kinds of families, and that includes solo parents. Thank you.


#ConfirmJudy #ExecuteSotto #TitoBobo

PS: Watch the conversation here: (46:35), I transcribed na the actual file para verbatim. Anyway, wala namang pinagkaiba, bobo pa rin si Sotto.

Let us take a sample of the angry reactions from netizens on social media against Sotto’s offensive question to Sec. Taguiwalo.

Ray asked: “What kind of brain cells do you have tito sotto? its none of your business to degrade a woman if she’s single.”

Kat Balinang said: “Sotto is an embarrassment to this nation.”

Chary Anne Castañeda Gauani asked: “Anong inaral ni Sotto aside from plagiarism? Tsss”

Andres Marcko Jaeran Lee urged netizens to start an online petition asking for Sotto’s ouster. “Pls make a petition to oust sotto pumasok lng naman yan because of aldub shit and eatbulaga. Does he even know how to be a senator?😡😡😡”

Atari Floralde wrote: “Alam nyo Mr. Senator kung bakit sila SINGLE MOM?? kasi sila lang yung naging matapang na panindigan ung mga kaduwagan ng isang lalake pagdating sa responsibilidad.. sila kasi yung may lakas ng loob akuin ung naging bunga ng adventure ng mga makakating spermcell nyo sa egg cell nila.. sila yung mga “na-ano lang” na gumagawa ng dalawang tungkulin.. ang pagiging nanay at pagiging tatay na dapat ay ginagawa ng mga “nang-ano” sa kanila..

Ngayon kung may problema ka sa mga Single Mom.. Kwento mo kila Elizabeth Blackwell, Maria Montessori, J.K. Rowling, Margaret Sanger, etc.. Sorry Mr.Senator.. nakakagigil lang tlgang may Senador tayong nagsalita ng ganito about Single Parents. Magsugod bahay nlng po tayo pag wala tayong masabing maganda..”

Video courtesy of News5:

WATCH | Sen. Sotto kay DSWD Sec. Judy Taguiwalo: "In the street language, when you have children and you are single, ang tawag doon ay na-ano lang."

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