Trending post claims, shows sample how a proper Certificate of Amnesty looks like. Check out if you agree!

The debate if the Certificate of Amnesty Senator Antonio Trillanes IV presented and showed to the public is valid or not has been one of the hotly talking points on social media.

So how does a proper Certificate of Amnesty looks like?

Thanks to Dax Samonte and of course, the owner of the said document who was hesitant to show it in public, for once and for all clear the air on the matter.

Check out the Certificate of Amnesty presented by Trillanes to the public recently.

And compare it to the Certificate of Amnesty granted to the individual which appeared in the document to see the difference.

Here’s the caption provided by netizen Dax Samonte on Facebook.

PROPER CERTIFICATE OF AMNESTY from the National Amnesty Commission (NAC) under the Office of the President was given to Military Officer David R Chavarria on December 6, 2001 for his participation in the 1987 & 1989 coup attempts. The NAC acted BY AUTHORITY OF THE PRESIDENT, the proper flow according to Law. Take note of the 11 years process from the recommendation of the Metro Manila Local Amnesty Board to the National Amnesty Commission. It ain’t that easy. … While the Amnesty Certificate that Former DND Sec. Gazmin issued to Trillanes appears to be as easy as it was done in a couple of months and definitely NOT FROM THE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT. … For this, I apologize to my good friend Dave Chavarria for my insistence to post this, as I deem it right to set some things straight in this issue THAT CAN HELP OUR PEOPLE CLEAR THE AIR no matter how small in a way. Thank you Dave for the understanding and to all who gave time to read this. GOD BLESS po.

Netizens couldn’t help but point out the glaring difference(s) between Trillanes’ and Chavarria’s Certificates of Amnesty as shown in the comments below.

Marko Atonio yung isa certificate talaga at ang format ang heading office of the president national amnesty commission nakalagay and 5 member signatures bakit yung kay trillanes dalawa lang yung isa yun pa yung nagrecomenda tapos ang heading departme t of national defence lang…

Angelo Pablo Yung seal nalang dapat ang seal ng the President of the Philippines sana. Hinde seal of the Republic.

Marvin Go As for the legit certificate, where’s the signature of the President who granted it? The authenticity of both certificates might be questioned since president’s signature is not affixed.

Claire Gomez Ung Amnesty Certificate ni Trillanes ay galing pla sa Department of National Defense lang. Ung totoong certificate of amnesty ay galing sa Office of the president mismo. According sa Constitution, presidente lang ang puedeng magbigay ng amnesty.

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