Trillanes’ former lawyer & ally Atty. Jude Sabio reveals ex-senator’s link to Bikoy videos in tell-all newspaper column titled, “Abyss Of No Return”

While everybody is talking about the senate hearing on RA 10592 or the GCTA law, Atty. Jude Sabio, the lawyer who filed the ICC case against PRRD in the Hague, Netherlands, made a damning revelation in his newspaper column about Trillanes’ role in the “Bikoy” videos.

In the newspaper column titled, “Abyss of No Return” Sabio gave a detailed account of his meeting with ex-Senator Antonio Trillanes IV which he described as an “unusually turbulent.”

In the said meeting, Sabio warning the senator to distance himself from Bikoy because it was just a trap, apart from the dire lack of funds even for the ongoing ICC case.

In the same meeting, Sabio’s wife, uncharactestically, butted in and told Trillanes not to push through his plan re Bikoy because it will be the cause of his downfall that he will not recover.

Sabio said he was taken aback and angry by his wife’s behavior who spoke in a loud voice towards a senator while angrily pointing an accusing finger and crying at the same time while lambasting Trillanes.

Sabio, who obviously know his wife very well, believed that she wasn’t personally angry at Trillanes but she was simply trying to conveying a dire ominous message like an oracle in antiquity portending of a terrible event to come. 

The Novotel meeting according to Sabio culminated with Trillanes offering him to lawyer for Bikoy, which was first conveyed via viber message from Trillanes close-in security/staff Jonnel Sangalang. 

Sabio claimed he was caught by surprise of the viber message he received on April 23, 2019 because he had absolutely no idea about the senator’s involvement with Bikoy.  Jonnel Sangalang represented to me that Bikoy had “handlers” to whom I would be recommended to be his lawyer.

Sabio said his task was to file a complaint in the Office of the Ombudsman as soon as Bikoy went public.

Based on Sabio’s story, it appeared he was leaning on accepting the job offer from Trillanes. However, Sabio claimed fate intervened to spare him from the disaster that had befallen instead later on the Flag and IBP lawyers.

Two days later, Sabio recalled another viber message from Trillanes’ chief security and aide Jonnel Sangalang asking about his license as lawyer if it was updated.

Sabio said he diligently replied to Trillanes’ aide, explaining to him that lawyers need not renew once license every year, unlike other professions. Despite his best efforts, Trillanes’ aide sounded like he did not believe Sabio’s explanation.

After some thought, Sabio recalled he was jolted by the absurdity: him being recruited to be a lawyer and yet he was being asked if his license as a lawyer is updated. 

Feeling insulted, Sabio narrated that the text exchanges between him and Trillanes’ aide turned ugly. He confessed, it caused him emotional distress.

Judging by the tone of Sabio’s voice, the ugly text exchanges between him and Trillanes’ aide influenced his decision to turn down the offer from then Senator Trillanes to act as Bikoy’s lawyer.

In case you want to read Atty. Jude Sabio’s full narration of the circumstances surrounding his decision to turn his back from ex-Senator Trillanes, you may the link below.

As of this writing, ex-Senator Antonio Trillanes IV has not released a statement yet in relation to Atty. Jude Sabio’s claim/allegation against him.

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Source: Mindanao Gold Star Daily

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