“Ug di nato masurvive ning pagkatag sa ncov, impas gyud ta. (If we can’t survive the spread of ncov, we are all finished.)” — RHU Doc warns fellow Cebuanos

A Rural Health Unit doctor from Arakan, Cotabato has taken the information drive on socmed, hoping to connect with the Cebuano-speakers active in Facebook.

Dra. Karen Mae Sueño Canario called the attention of fellow Bisaya particularly Cebuano speakers with a chilling warning that if we cannot survive the spread of NCOV (covid-19), we are all finished. That’s why we need to listen and do what the government and the DOH are telling us.


Dra. Canario was actually reposting the FB post of Dr. Apollo M. Sitoy (top INTERNAL MEDICINE- NEUROLOGY DEPARTMENT of Cebu Doctors Hospital).

According to Dr. Sitoy, he just realized now that he has been living an exclusive life…meaning his circle of friends are mostly from the healthcare world. He now understands why the people are not scared because they are not aware of what is happening.

“Bisaya para mas daghan makasabot…. Karon ra gyud ko kasabot diay na eksklusibo ra kaayo akong kalibutan…akong mga higala kay naa ra kasagaran sa healthcare world. Karon ra ko nakasabot nga mao diayng wala ni nangahadlok ang mga tawo kay di gyud diay sila aware sa mga panghitabo.”

The oft-repeated question he encountered from the common people was, “why doctors would ask them, ‘Did you know what happened in Italy?’ So what happened there?”

“Ngano man ang mga Doktor muingon man na, ‘Kahabalo mo unsay nahitabo sa Italy’? Nganong hadlok man kaayo sila? Unsa diay nahitabo didto?”

D. Sitoy recalled that the 1st local Italian infected by covid-19 was detected on February 20 in Lombardy. Now, there are 24,747 cases, 1809 have died and in one day, Italy registered 368 deaths. Can you imagine that? Aren’t you scared? Sitoy asked.

“Ang pinaka unang Local Italian na nagka covid-19 positive kay nadetect pag February 20 didto sa Lombardy. Karon, 24,747 na ilang kaso, 1809 na ilang patay ug sa usa ka adlaw 368 ang namatay. Balikon nako… 368 ang namatay sa usa ka adlaw. Ka imagine ka ana? Wa pa ka nahadlok?”

Okay, one more thing, Sitoy wrote. Italy is the 8th largest economy in the world. Lombardy is one of the richests par of Italy. They have nice hospitals. What we call here state of the art. Much better than the hospitals in America. But…they ran out of ICUs, ran out of ventilators. The one that you see in the movies attached to the mouth and connected to a machine. Their doctors, nurses, healthcare workers are dying.

“Okay, kani…Ang Italy ang ika-8th na pinakadako na ekonomiya sa kalibutan. Ang Lombardy ang usa sa pinakadatu na part sa Italy. Nindot ilang mga hospitals didto. Kana atong gitawag na state of the art. Mas nindot pa sa America. Pero…nangahurot na ilang mga ICU, nangahurot na ilang mga ventilator (kanang inyo makit.an sa salida na ibutang sa baba ang tubo nya i.connect sa machine), nangamatay na ilang mga doktor/nurses/healthcare workers.”

Sitoy asked Filipinos if Italy’s state of the art hospitals are being overwhelmed, how much more the Philippines inadequate healthcare system? He said that’s why the doctors are worried because they know the truth. Our situation in the Philippines is very delicate. That’s the truth. He said doctors like him are scared because we are 109M Filipinos but we only have 1000 ICUs (Intensive Care Units). That’s how poor were are. He urged Filipinos to ponder on this reality. Stop being another problem!

“Na overwhelmed sila nga nindot na gani kaayo ilang mga hospital didto, tan.aw nimo, kita dili? Mao nang nahadlok inyong mga kaila nga doktor kay kahibaw mi sa kamatuoran. HUYANG RA KAAYO ATONG KAHIMTANG DIRI SA PILIPINAS! Mao nay tinood! Nahadlok mi kay kabaw mi na 109 million na ta diri sa Pilipinas pero 1000 ra ang mga ICU nato (kanang espesyal na unit para sa kritikal na pasyente). In-ana ta ka POBRE…kana maoy panghinuklugi. Ayaw dungag2x sa problema!”

If the DOH and the government tell you to stay put…stay at home! Don’t loiter or go around because it’s difficult tracing those who are covid-19 positive. Go out when necessary like going out todo grocery, hospital). If you are told to observe social distancing, do it please. It means 1 meter away from each other in public places and no kissing, hug or handshakes. And please, stop the street rallies. Think that if you don’t survive from this virus, your ideology is rendered useless. So stay!

“Ingnan gani mos DOH ug sa gobyerno na Ayawg lakaw… PUYO SA BALAY! Ayaw laag2x kay maglisod tag trace sa mga tawo nga postibo. Gawas lang kung kelangan (like grocery, hospital). Kung ingnan mo nga SOCIAL DISTANCING, buhata palihug! Pasabot ana, at least 1 meter away ta sa mga public places ug wala say kiss2x, hug2x or lamanuhay. Ug, please lang…ayaw sag rally2x dira. Hunahunaa nga if di ka makasurvive aning virus karon, way silibi ang mga idealohiya na imong gipaglaban. So, pagpuyo!”

Dr. Sitoy reiterated to his call to please stay at their houses, observe social distancing and personal hygiene. We don’t want to be another Italy. Because, we can’t do it.


From Dr. Apollo M. Sitoy (top INTERNAL MEDICINE- NEUROLOGY DEPARTMENT of Cebu Doctors Hospital)
I’m sharing his post to raise public awareness…Keep safe everyone!

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Source: Karen Mae Canario

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