Unhappy alumni says he is no longer contemplating sending child to Ateneo in viral open letter

As the Ateneo officials continue to sit on the “bullying” issue that has been the most talked about topic on social media, the public and some of its alumni are starting to run out of patience.

Facebook user Jaime Garchitorena has taken to Facebook expressing his impatience for the slow response of one’s alma mater re bullying issue.

Garchitorena says in his humble opinion, the case for dismissal is clear.

Garchitorena added that there should be no hesitation as the videos speak for themselves.

However, Garchitorena noted that Ateneo has been acting the opposite and sadly appears to be playing the waiting game which he said is not a good strategy.

Garchitorena ended the FB post by declaring that he is no longer contemplating sending his child to Ateneo.

You may read the full post below.


Dear Ateneo.

As an alumni I hope that my perceived unusual silence of the bully’s parents is not due to advice given by lawyers, of the school and family side, in an effort to reduce liability of the school.

Because I can really see the family of the bully claiming negligence on the side of the school. This might be the opening for the victims to sue the school as well.

If I were the parent of a victim I would be walking down your throats by now.

IMHO, the case for dismissal is clear. Extremely violent behavior that results in grave physical injuries. There is no leeway to allow that child to stay in the school. Even as a preventive measure there should be no hesitation as the videos speak for themselves. The behavioural scientists and child psychologists in the school can make what would be very obvious recommendations.

Waiting out the holidays is not a good strategy. This will not go away. Sadly the delay shows a lack of decisiveness to protect the thousands of other children in Ateneo. And worse if the delay is more as legal political strategy to manage liability.

There is no bargaining this issue.

I know I am only one alumni, but At the moment I am no longer contemplating sending my child to Ateneo.

Please act swiftly.



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