Unidentified men caught on CCTV dropping off a cadaver brazenly in the middle of Taft Ave.

Brace yourselves! The police have been accused as the mastermind behind the series of the summary of executions in the wake of the intensified anti-drug campaign of Pres. Duterte.

But this CCTV footage will somewhat prove otherwise.

A CCTV footage showing unidentified men dropped off the cadaver of an alleged victim of summary execution is making the rounds online.

In a Facebook post shared 150 times and viewed more than 50,000 times as of Friday afternoon, GMA News reporter JP Soriano uploaded the video owned by the Manila City Hall Command Center to highlight the brazenness of the criminal elements terrorizing our cities and towns.

In the video, unidentified men riding a ‘kuliglig’ can be seen dropping off an object in a hurry along Taft Ave. corner Pedro Gil in Manila at around 2:31 PM.

As soon as they unloaded their cargo, the men quickly made a u-turn but immediately thereafter, an incoming taxi hit the ‘kuliglig’ from behind, causing its passenger to be thrown off from their ride.

Stunned, the passenger of the ‘kuliglig’ paused for a second to get his bearing, got up quickly and gave his companion a chase who sped away from the scene.

A few bystanders can be seen standing at the opposite side of Taft, unmindful of what was lying on the cold pavement across them.

The video elicited angry responses from netizens. You may check out their reactions below.

Ivy Tonette Yabo Basilad wrote:

kapeste ang lakas ng loob magtapon sa highway pa ayan tuloy nabangga sana man lang tinuluyan nalang sila banggain rin.. oh ayan na mga taga CHR huli sa cam na mga kapwa tauhan lang din pumapatay sa kapwa adik rin….

Netizen Dante Magulod slams critics who are quick to blame every victim of summary executions to the police.

Tapos ibibintang sa pulis. Human right asan kayo.

Netizen Carol Domingo J. Lindeberg holds a different opinion.

Bayad na cgro mga yan para magtapon ng bangkay.

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Video From Manila City Hall Command Center: Body of a summary execution victim being thrown out on the road along pedro gil, Taft Ave. in Manila by an unidentified male riding a "Kuliglig", immediately after the motorized pedicab will be slightly hit by a taxi cab. GMA News

Posted by JP Soriano on Sunday, July 17, 2016

Credits to JP Soriano of GMA News

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