Unmasking the people behind FB page ‘Madam Claudia’ by Fiscal Darwin Cañete

Wondering who are the admins of ‘Madam Claudia’?  Well, Fiscal Canete announced on his Facebook who they are after doing a police-like investigative work.

If you are Duterte supporter, the Facebook page ‘Madam Claudia’ is one of the most hated on social media because of their criticism against PRRD.

If you are one of the people who wished to know the people behind the page, this is for you.

In a Facebook post, Fiscal Darwin Cañete divulged the identity of the admins behind the aforementioned page in retaliation of the online threats he received from a Duterte hater and Robredo supporter named ‘Ryan Yap’, perhaps not his real name.

So without further adieu, below is the full text of Fiscal Cañete’s post.

“congratulations yellow troll once known as Ryan Yap..this one was in my inbox for a time. ayaw ko i-post kasi wala ako talagang pakialam. but since you were stupid enough to threaten me on my wall…well….#socmedleaks. sabi ko naman sa iyo, hanggang hindi kita napapatay, mga amo mo sasapakin ko. and dear Leni. i told you, may mga traydor sa kampo mo. kaya lahat ng galaw mo, alam ng pro-Duterte socmed. look at your team…may mga hudas diyan. thanks WAC….ganito mangyayari, for every time you show your stupid face on my wall, i will put one hurtful tidbit in my inbox BURSTING with damaging info from anyone of my 20,000 followers against the dilaws. you threaten. i hurt. see how this works?”

Ladies first. Meet Atty. Noreen San Luis-Lutey, RD of LTO Bicol region.

Next, is Jonas Cabiles Soltes, a former journalist and now municipal council of Tinambac, CamSur.


Let us read the comments and see how the social media people reacts to the revelation.

Gabby Ongauco wrote: Aba, maganda palang nabu bwiset si Fiscal. Dapat pa silang magpa salamat sayo naging mabait ka pa.”

Dudz Calper speculated one of them has something to do with WAC’s hydra: “Kaya pala… kaya pala.. medyo nacoconnect ko na ung dots ha hydra.. cant wait para sa isa pang pasabog..”

Labheng AP remarked:Let’s see how he will react…. Nobela Yung sagot Nya sa issue linking him romantically with Leni Gerona Robredo….. I’m impressed ha…. Kung madam Claudia sila parang totally different persona …. Si madam Claudia eh mistulang baklang intregera lang.”

Your thoughts please!



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