Valdez: Poe lost her natural-born Filipino status when she renounced it

Presidential candidate Senator Grace Poe is facing her fourth disqualification case to date that could further derail her ambition to replace President Benigno Aquino III in 2016 when his term ends.

Poe lost her natural-born status as a Filipino when she renounced it

Dean Amado D. Valdez of UE College of Law anchored his argument that when a natural-born Filipino renounced one’s citizenship in favor of pledging allegiance to another country, he or she cannot re-acquire this.

When Grace Poe decided to go back to the country and accept a government post under the Pnoy government, she decided to file a petition to re-acquire her Filipino citizenship; in case of a natural-born Filipino, he or she does need to initiate steps to become a natural-born Filipino.

Dean Amado Valdez said that Senator Grace Poe does not have a natural-born status; she is only a repatriated Filipino citizen under Republic Act 9225.

Likewise, during the Senate Electoral Tribunal hearing in the Senate, Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonio Carpio said that Senator Grace Poe is not natural-born Filipino citizen as a foundling. She is only a naturalized citizen based on the international law.

To prove that indeed her parents were natural-born Filipinos, Sen. Grace Poe requires a DNA test to establish the fact she is indeed a natural-born Filipino. Unfortunately, all her efforts to find her relatives via a DNA test has turned negative.

Dean Valdez on Grace Poe as a repatriated Filipino citizen based on RA 9225.

To re-acquire her Filipino citizenship after renouncing it in 2001, she filed a petition to reclaim it upon returning to the country to served under the Pnoy government.

Dean Amado Valdez argues that when Grace Poe lost her natural-born status in 2001, she lost it forever. Hence, she also lacks the ten-year residency period to run for the 2016 presidential election.

Furthermore, Dean Amado Valdez’s wants the good Senator to be disqualified to file COC for any elective office requiring natural-born status as a qualification. That means, she won’t be qualified to run as President in the future.

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