Veteran political analyst explains why Mar Roxas out of the top 12 senatoriables, Robredo blames ‘operation’ to ease out Roxas

ICYMI, Mar Roxas has dropped out of the top 12 senatoriables according to Pulse Asia’s latest survey.

Leni Robredo insinuated that the administration has activated an ‘operation’ to ease out Roxas and Bam Aquino from the top 12 senatoriables. [Inquirer]

“Talagang mayroong operasyon na hindi sila makapasok sa 12. So dapat, kami talaga extra effort din para ma-contradict iyong ganitong strategy (There is an operation for [Bam and Mar] to not make the Top 12. So we are exerting extra efforts to offset this),” Robredo remarked during launching of Ahon Laylayan Koalisyon in Aklan.

However, veteran political analyst Ramon Casiple wasted no time in debunking Leni Robredo’s conspiracy theory with a timely Facebook post explaining how Roxas and OtsoDiretso’s poor showing in the senatoriable survey is directly related to the previous administrations non-performance as a big burden for Mar Roxas and company.

Check out the full post below as shared by Noel Landero Sarifa.

Why is Mar Roxas out of the top 12 Senatoriable in the recent survey.

According to a political analyst Ramon Casiple the “NON-PERFORMANCE” of the administration of the previous President Benigno Aquino is a Big Burden for Roxas. Aside from that lahat ng unforgetable kapalpakan ng Previous Admin nangyari sa pamumuno ni Roxas:

Topping Casiple’s list was SAF 44 massacre happened when Roxas was the Secretary for DILG, followed by Yolanda disaster mismanagement when Mar was the interior secretary.

Casiple also cited the MRT service, which was at at its worst, when he was the transport chief. Traffic was hell when he was transport chief and to add insult to the injury Pnoy and Mar Roxas said ” It is a sign of progress!”

Don’t forget the Laglag Bala scheme, and Roxas said it is not government’s problem but Duterte was able to resolve it.

Not to mention Roxas’ infamous solution for martilyo gang” which was “Wag magtinda ng martilyo sa loob ng mall.”

Lastly, Roxas, tried to push for a propaganda that he is an Economist and can save the Philippines Economy when the inflation rate is at its lowest, wrong timing talaga.

And also, the black propaganda of his 8 diretso party is dragging him out of the race, same fate with Bam Aquino. The Filipino People will never forget the 6 years of agony from horrendous traffic, MRT service, non distributions of lands, rhamphant DAP and PDAF corruption scam, neglect of empathy and solution for the worst government services and so on and so forth.. mahihigh blood ka na lang pagnaalala mo mga kapalpakan at kapabayaan noon..

Do we still need more of this? you decide..

P.S. This is not black propaganda, these are facts.

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