Video: How Mar Roxas lose his poise when a reporter asked him about Korina’s presence in DA events

A video showing Mar Roxas losing one’s temper during an ambush interview in Davao is doing the rounds online.

Mar Roxas irked by the journalist line of questioning

In the Facebook post shared 274 times as of Thursday morning, Armando Fenequito Jr. posted the video as proof to the allegation that Mar Roxas got angry at him.

In the video, the Davao-based journalist asked Roxas to comment on the accusation that he is using the DA (Department of Agriculture) through his wife in the election campaign.

It can be recalled that lately, Korina Sanchez-Roxas has been the subject of online bashing from netizens for being a constant guests in DA events like the turnover ceremonies of farm equipments to farmer beneficiaries in Kidapawan and in Davao region.

Mar Roxas quickly brushed off the journalist’s question and asked with a smirk, “Yung mga ganung walang basehan, kailangan ko pa bang komentarihan yan?” (Those are baseless allegations. Do I need to comment on that?)

In the interview, Mar Roxas challenged the journalists to analyze and ask questions if the allegations hurled against him and his wife for that matter are true.

Mar Roxas sees nothing wrong of his wife attending government functions because his line reasoning is that, his wife was invited by these government agencies as a guest.

In addition, Mar Roxas said it is not in their style to take advantage of government resources.

Th video has been viewed more than 11,000 times after it was uploaded 11 hours ago as of this writing.

As Mar Roxas said in the video, you may analyze the allegation versus the facts at hand to come up with your judgment if indeed the former lose his temper in the video below.

My Video when Mar Roxas got angry to my question regarding the presence of his wife during the distribution activity of the Department of Agriculture.

Posted by Armando Fenequito Jr. on Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Meanwhile, it can be recalled that Mayor Rody Duterte called Roxas “pikon” or onion-skinned several times. And the latest video of Mar Roxas above reminds us of what the Mayor has been saying in his past interviews.

What say you on this video?

Credits to Armando Fenequito Jr.



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