Video: Netizen rants against Robredo following TV interview claiming no relief goods in some barangays 8 days after Nina left

On Wednesday, January 4, 2017, Facebook blogger named “Maharlika” posted a video lambasting VP Robredo after criticizing the Duterte administration on dragging its foot in the relief operations in Bicol.

Maharlika called Robredo a couple of names( abnormal, kapal ang mukha) after learning that Robredo said on national TV that there are barangays in Bicol who did not receive relief goods from the government after 8 days except from the OVP.

On Robredo’s statement that she felt really bad for not being around when typhoon Nina struck Bicol, Maharlika remarked that Robredo’s reasoning does not cut it.

With the advancement in today’s weather forecasting technology, Maharlika said that Robredo should have known that a strong typhoon is going to hit Bicol. Had she wanted to stay because of the typhoon, she could have done it. But she proceeded with the US trip and choose to rub elbows with the traitors in the US.

On Robredo’s statement that she could not book 5 tickets for a return flight to Philippines because it was the peak season, Maharlika said this is a lie.

Maharlika said, when you have money, booking 50 tickets even during the peak season is not hard. She said, it is easier to book on Christmas day since thousands of people prefers to stay home rather than travel.

Maharlika also asked Robredo about Robredo’s reunion pics since none has been posted ever since.

Maharlika find it uncharacteristic of the Robredo’s not to post even one picture of the reunion. After all, the Robredos are “swapang and buwakaw” of pictures.

Please watch Maharlika’s video below.

Fraud Leni Robredo sinabing mabagal ang administrasyong Duterte sa pagtulong sa mga biktima ng bagyong Nina

Kung nasa Pilipinas daw sana siya iba ang magiging epekto ng bagyo.

BUANG at SALOT ka Maria Leonor!

Posted by Maharlika on Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Robredo’s reaction:

When asked about her sentiment in light of the criticism in the social media, Robredo have plenty of things to say to the public.

First, she thinks it is unfortunate that she was not around when typhoon Nina struck Bicol.

She said her constituents could attest that she had never been absent in all typhoons except this one (typhoon Nina).

She said the timing is just bad, that’s why she feels bad that things happened in her absence.

While on vacation, she could not concentrate because she had to attend to the relief operations.

She claimed that as soon as her plane landed in the United States, she immediately setup the relief operations, tried to book a return plane ticket, but booking 5 plane tickets during the peak season is hard. I was with my three daughters and 80 year old mother.

She said the original plan was to fly back to Manila on January 4 and the earliest they could get was on New Years eve.

Robredo said that she felt bad that a lot of unfortunate events happened while she was away and that is something she is not happy.

She also said that she accomplished a lot of things while she away like taking care of the relief operations.

Robredo said that despite the threat of a typhoon, she went ahead with the planned US vacation, hoping that the typhoon would not hit the predicted areas that bad.

She said that Jesse Robredo’s family have their reunions during Christmas. When Jesse died, four of my relatives died in succession. That is why, every Christmas season, we see to it that we are all together.

Coincidentally, her US-based sister-in-law played as the host of the reunion so that explains her absence.

Leni reiterated that she was unlucky that something bad happened while she was away.

She said that if she could turn back the hand of time, she would have preferred to stay.

In the meantime, she claimed she is making best out of the situation, making up for her absence by taking care of things.

Robredo said that her entire staff did not abandon the typhoon victims. But it’s entirely a different story when she personally lead the relief operation, the evacuation of the residents in past typhoons.

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Video courtesy of TV 5:

In another interview, Robredo criticized the Duterte administration for the sluggish relief operations in Bicol.

“Sa tingin ko medyo mabagal, mabagal iyong galaw. Ngayon magbababad tayo dito, iyong mga nakausap ko naman ang nakarating pa lang sa kanilang tulong galing sa amin. Hindi din sapat kasi mas gusto natin na mas long-term sana ang solusyon na maibibigay. Siguro kung mababalik lang mas gusto ko na nandito ako. Pero making the best out of the situation, hindi na mababalik, pero bumabawi tayo. Asikasuhin… iyong buong staff naman natin, noong wala ako, talaga namang, walang napabayaan.”

She also took the opportunity to appeal to the donors to donate shelter materials instead so that people who lost their homes could rebuild asap.

“Iyong lahat ng nagbibigay ng tulong pinapakiusapan natin na kung puwede shelter materials na, pero iyong gusto natin mas maayos na ayos. Hindi iyong magbibigay lang ng nipa, shingles. Gusto sana natin kapag nag-rebuild sila, ito ang rebuild na mas mabuti. Hindi iyong bawat sakuna sila din ang nasisiraan ng bahay.”

“Gusto naming tignan kung bakit nangyari ulit iyon kasi ayaw nating nagsasayang ng resources ng gobyerno. Kasi gusto natin na kapag tayo nag-rebuild talagang build back better kasi otherwise parang kawawa talaga iyong mahihirap kasi pare-pareho din iyong nabibiktima, pare-pareho iyong nasisiraan ng bahay, pare-pareho iyong nawawalan ng tirahan, pare-parehong eskuwelahan ang nasisira.

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