Video of a crocodile lurking in muddy flood water in Davao City gone viral!

Davao City is famous for their crocodile farm and stumbling upon a crocodile lurking in the middle of the flooded street is not unusual. Yet ordinary folks in Davao City are still amazed when finding one.

The video below that is making the rounds online recently can attest to that!

Facebook user John Eidderf Abellana posted the video on his personal account, drawing oohs and aahs from friends and netizens.

In the video, people stayed clear from the flooded street where a dark figure, believed to be that of the back of the crocodile can be seen lurking.

At one point in the video, a male bystander approached the crocodile from behind and made an attempt to touch or even dared to grab the tail of the crocodile. But at the last minute, he stepped back and left the crocodile alone.

The crocodile sighting happened in Catalunan Pequeño, Davao City yesterday after a strong rain pummeled the city.

Speculations abound that a resident in the same barangay, owned the crocodile as pet and managed to escape at the height of the flooding.

It was not known though if the crocodile was captured but according to eyewitness accounts, some men tried to ensnare the small crocodile but failed.

According to Brigada News Davao, they managed to get in touch with barangay Kagawad Mario Garay of Catalunan Pequeño to confirm if indeed the crocodile is owned by a resident of the same barangay but the Kagawad could not confirm if indeed the speculation is true or not.

Video courtesy of John Eidderf Abellana

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