Viral: Netizen disputes Delima’s defense Alfred Vargas, not Herbert Colangco in viral video

A meme disputing Senator Delima’s alibi that it was Rep. Alfred Vargas & not Herbert Colangco caught in the viral video is making the rounds online.

In a Facebook post, a netizen named Kit Morales shared the meme to dispute or debunk the lady senator’s denial statement against a serious allegation that she was rubbing elbows with an alleged drug lord during a birthday party inside the Bilibid Prisons.

To destroy the defense of Senator Delima that it was Rep. Alfred Vargas and not Herbert Colangco, the meme creator pointed out the striking difference between the two individuals – their hairstyle.

The meme creator asks the netizens to take a second hard look at his argument to come up with their own appreciation of the facts presented by the OP.

Let us check out how the netizens respond to the challenge.

Sakura Hsegawa wrote:

Kahit sideview iba talaga ang hugis at batang mukha.

Jeffrey Mapa wrote:

Ang sinungaling kapatid ng mag nanakaw

Sarah Sabandeja Mcgregor wrote:

Talagang manloloko ang babaeng yan at Ginagawa pa kaming tanga tulad niya. HOHOHO…dapat Ma imbistagahan na yan para malaman ang pagsisinungaling niya.

Rai-rai Gotas Gammad wrote:

Hahaha feel nya sgro kmukha ni alfred vargas c colango…mukha ngang ngongo….harharhar

Cynthia Diapo Gemora wrote:

E ano nmn kung alfred vargas yan e bakit nadoon sya birthday party ng mokong na yong si colangco…

Meanwhile, not all netizens agree with the argument of the OP.

Landingin Botog wrote:

I watched the video before and yesterday when delima said it was Rep. Vargas not colangco & made a comment. dinouble check ko para tingnan kung totoo nga. yes it is rep.Vargas kaya dinelete ko comment ko. I am against delima. kahit so Alfred Vargas nga yun,that doesn’t change my dislike for delima

Note: Rep. Alfred Vargas issued a statement ahead of the OP’s post and said it was indeed him in the viral video and not Herbert Colangco. Check the full story here.

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Source: Kit Morales


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