Viral: Photos expose connection between Chelsea Clinton, Loida Lewis, Liberal Party and the ‘murderous thug’ tweet

If you’d recall, Chelsea Clinton made a noise on Twitter calling Duterte ‘murderous thug’ following the r@pe joke while giving pep talk to soldiers.

Hi Kevin -Duterte is a murderous thug with no regard for human rights. It’s important to keep pointing that out & that rape is never a joke.

The social media erupted in a frenzied debate as the two sides descended on Chelsea Clinton’s twitter account, either to defend or to chastise her for the Duterte remark.

The Chelsea Clinton tweet against Duterte, a President from a third world country puzzled some netizens on social media.

But thanks to Hidden Truth PH! Yesterday the page shared the photos of Chelsea Clinton together with a known anti-Duterte that should give us clue why the daugher of former President Clinton would bother to slam Duterte on Twitter by calling him a murderous thug.

On Facebook, Hidden Truth PH wrote: “Eto ang reason bakit pinag-iinitan ni CHELSEA CLINTON si Duterte… kasi BFF pala sila ni Loida Lewis.”
The admin used the hashtags #ThePhotoSaysItAll #HuwagKami #DiNyoKamiMaloloko #LiberalParty to conclude the post.

Credits to Hidden Truth PH

Credits to Hidden Truth PH

Credits to Hidden Truth Ph

Credits to Hidden Truth Ph

Credits to Hidden Turth Ph

Credits to Hidden Turth Ph

As of this writing, the post has gathered 3,928 shares, 1.396 reactions and 245 comments on Facebook.

The socila media reacts on the photos via the comments section.

Arnold Cataluña remarked: “Birds of the same feathers flock together… kaya nman pala!”

Bryan B. Bondad remarked: “Loida is campaign donor of hilary…”

Nitz Lotianes Patterson commented: “She’s a crooked like her mother … what do you expect to Liberals idiots hypocrites…”

Lina Bondok Sayco said: “Shame shame shame on you! #chelseaClinton have no part of to be politician in the Philippines..not unless you are bieng paid!! By the foolish old fucker #LoidaGurang only intention is to destroy the Philippine government!! So sickining!!!👊🏼”

Your reaction, please!

Source: Hidden Truth PH


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