Viral post claims VP Leni Robredo secretly married a leftist before Jesse; followers dismisses it as fake

A viral photo has been making the rounds online claiming VP-elect Leni Robredo secretly married another guy not named Jesse before becoming Mrs. Robredo.

The photo was uploaded Thursday afternoon and has been shared on several other anti-Robredo Facebook pages after netizens picked up the story.

In fact, some blogs have written about it, hoping to ride on the trend.

In the post, the netizen alleged that the teen Leni fell in love with a guy from Cebu who was an active supporter of a leftist group during Marcos era.

When Leni’s parents learned about the relationship, they quickly thumbed down the affair, forcing love-struck Leni to elope with her sweetheart.

However, the relationship did not last long when Leni realized a bleak future awaits her if she stuck it out.

Meanwhile, Leni Robredo’s followers quickly dismissed the story as a hoax and lambasted the original uploader and calls the post “libelous!”

Gloria Pagola wrote:

THIS IS A FAKE! Libelous! Mind your grammar, pls.

Liki Yadcet Leoncio wrote:

Move on people! Election is over!

Jade Briz wrote:

Yung Totoo? Galing mag imbento ng mga MarcosTards!

Rocillo Nagata Katherine defended her and wrote:

Disenteng babae ina at asawa ang sinisiraan ng mga walang respeto sa babae ang gumagawa ng ganito laban sa bagong bise presidente ng pilipinas

Emma Mabido wrote:

Personal life story nya yon wala tayong pakialam buhay nya yon bakit kailangan pa bang alamin yon walang kinalaman sa politika

Dhey Tuazon Siroma wrote:

Di naman po kamukha ni Leni robredo yan eh

Edna Poticar wrote:

Let us respect the private lives of others.Love your neighbor as you love yourself.let us be charitable!

But the anti-Robredo camp reacted harshly against her and quickly passed judgment without confirming whether the story is fake or not.

Fatima Hamonnoh wrote:

Is this true? Nku poh may pinanggalingan pala..kya mtaas pa ang ambisyon..

Elizabeth Quismundo-Yatar wrote:

Kya pla sobra ang galit nia da mga Marcos!

Meanwhile, some netizens like Rolly Castro Pontero defended the OP after getting attack by Robredo followers for the post.

Kung gusto mong tahimik ang buhay mo dapat nasa private life k lng ngayon kc may ari ka na ng public db kya lahat kung anong meron ka lalabas yan sa gusto mo’t sa hindi

Please refer to the post of the OP below:

BREAKING NEWS: You’d be surprised to discover this Maria Leonor Gerona Robredo, also known as Leni Robredo was married to this unknown poor guy from Cebu City.

He was allegedly her teen age sweet heart. He was said to be an active supporter of the leftist group during Marcos time. Her parents did not approve of their relationship so she had to run away home believing that love doesn’t wait for the perfect age.

After some time, she realized she was heading towards a terrible life ahead because they were far too young to handle responsibilities of a family life she returned home. Her boy friend did not finish college and Leni doesn’t want to be left out by her friends and classmates since most of them were heading towards college that time.

She pursued college studies while secretly living together and got married. She never told her parents or anyone about this marriage although there were times that they are being caught together.

When Marcos government orders arrest and all-out war against rebels her husband was believed to be amongst those who have lost their lives during encounters.

In 1987 she re married to Former Secretary Jessie Robredo with vows to avenge his first husbands fate.

What can you say about the post? Fake or real?

Source: Nikol Thursby


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