Viral post reprimands judgmental netizens in light of rape joke; expresses continued support for Duterte

A viral post scolding the netizens to refrain from acting like they are holier than thou has been doing the rounds online.

Pablo John Garcia defends Duterte

Credits to John Pablo Garcia

In a Facebook post shared more than 1,219 times as of Wednesday afternoon, a netizen identified as Pablo John Garcia published the short viral letter reprimanding Mayor Rodrigo Duterte for overstretching the boundary of a humorous and a bad joke.

In the post, Mr. Garcia shared an anecdote about the great statesman, Raul Manglapus who once joked about rape and was crucified for it.

Senator Manglapus later apologized for what he said and the people eventually forgave him.

If rape is inevitable, one might as well lie down and enjoy it.

The netizen argued that great men are infallible and they are bound to mistakes.

The important thing he said is that “they apologize. It doesn’t make things better, but it is a start.”

The netizen then took potshots at Grace Poe for making a joke of Filipino citizenship by reacquiring it whenever it is convenient for them.

Some people make a joke of their citizenship by renouncing it and then reacquiring it when convenient.

Next, the netizen took a dig at Mar Roxas for saying the controversial phrase in the aftermath of the typhoon Yolanda to a people struck by a calamity that had just killed thousands.

Bahala kayo sa buhay nyo!

Towards the end of his post, Mr. Garcia has this to say to the people who were quick to crucify Mayor Duterte for his wayward tongue.

Let us not be sanctimonious. Let us not be hypocrites. We all make mistakes. We are human not because of our perfection.

In parting, Mr. Garcia expressed his support for Mayor Duterte in light of his brand of humor that is a magnet for controversy and wrote:

I stand by my human President. ‪#‎du30‬ ‪#‎BisayaNaPud‬

The letter has drawn mixed reactions from netizens who’ve read the letter.

Here’s what Ranky S. Suase has to say in reaction to Duterte’s rape joke.

He said it out of anger. He was outsmarted by the criminals instead of doing it first to them (liquidating criminals) the criminals killed the Australian missionary and the child FIRST. So what’s the issue here? Joke? No, as a matter of facts he said that in his interview yesterday that he was not joking.(see the interview)

Read the reaction of a netizen below in response to the issue.

Miyako Izabel wrote:

But Raul Manglapus was not running for president. The world media did not shame the Philippines because of his remark.

According to Wikipedia, the letter writer is Pablo John Fiel Garcia, a Filipino politician. A member of NUP, United Nationalist Alliance and the One Cebu party, Garcia was elected to the House of Representatives of the Philippines in 2007 and 2010, representing the Third District of Cebu.

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