Viral post scoffs at ex-Pres. Pnoy lecturing about honesty, list down Pnoy’s unforgettable failures to silence ex-Pres

While hitting the campaign trail, former President Noy took a jab at Mayor Sara Duterte by stressing the importance of honesty to campaign for the OtsoDiretso bets.

Pnoy on honesty: “Kung happy ka na di tumupad sa pinagkasunduan nyo, sa pinapangako sa inyo, eh ‘di karapatan mo yun. pero baka naman mas maganda kumuha ka ng hindi lang pinaniwalaan pero nakakasigurado ka rin na tutuparin ang pinagkasunduan nyo at pinangako sa inyo.”

However, Pnoy’s statement on honesty did not sit well among Pinoy Facebook netizens, especially among pro-Duterte supporters.

Social media blogger Noel Landero Sarifa was the first among pro-Duterte social media bloggers to react at the ex-President’s remark with contempt.

Facing the uncertainty whether the ex-President ever gets to read his FB post, Sarifa, nevertheless fired away and called out Pnoy for pontificating about honesty.

An annoyed Sarifa started by reminding the public of the ex-President’s failed promises and most unforgettable failures such as Pnoy’s promise to the people of Cavite to extend the LRT to Bacoor Cavite.

Sarifa’s list of Pnoy’s failures include the Bus Rapid Transit for Cebu that did not materialize until today, the FOI Bill, failure to provide housing to the Yolanda victims to mention just a few.

Sarifa remarked that the ex-president may have suffered memory loss after a few years of hiatus.

Below is the screenshot of the list of Pnoy’s failed promises and failures as prepared by Sarifa.

Sarifa punctuated the FB post by arguing that someone like Pnoy has no moral ascendancy to lecture the public about honesty since he himself has no credibility for failing to deliver his promises to the people when he took the reins of power in 2010 to 2016.

The list could go on but this should be enough to remind us of his failed promises. How could we believe someone who make us believe numerous times and failed us numerous times as well? He thinks he still have the credibility to talk about the importance of Honesty. I am not saying this to defame the Ex-President, just stating facts based on his accomplishment of failure.

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Source Noel Landero Sarifa


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